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رحلة الى ارض النزاع – المقدمة1 Special Report – A Journey to the Land of Conflict: Introduction, Part 1 דו”ח מיוחד של פנג’אן- מסע לארץ המריבה

Avi Melamed the founder of www.feenjan.com is talking about the history of the Israeli settlements.

مجاز الانباء:تمديد تجميد البنا في المستوطنات Feenjan News: Nov 14, The Freeze

مجاز الإنباء تمديد تجميد البناء في المستوطنات This video discusses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to extend the freeze in the West Bank.

ההצגה חייבת להימשך..או שמא לא? The Show Must Go On……?يحب ان يستمر المسرح……ام لا؟؟

Avi Melamed talks about a boycott initiative launched by group of Israeli actors and artists that refuse to perform in Israeli settlements. The boycott evoked, as expected, a deep controversy within Israeli society. Avi is the founder of feenjan.com (a non-profit organization dedicated to outreach to the Arab speaking world about Israel).


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