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مستوطنة اتلال العالم Special Report – A Journey to the Land of Conflict, Givot Olam Settlement דו”ח מיוחד של פנג’אן-מסע לארץ המריבה, נסיעה להתנחלות גבעות עולם

A visit to the Settlement of World's Hills (Givot Olam) located in the Shomron region in the West Bank

المناظر الرائعة لمنطقة السامرة Special Report – A Journey to the Land of Conflict, The Beautiful Landscape of the Shomron דו”ח מיוחד של פנג’אן – מסע לארץ המריבה, נופי השומרון

A drive through the beautiful landscape of the Shomron region towards the city of Nablus (in Hebrew- Shchem)

حملة دعائية للمستوطنين The Settlers Campaign מחאת המתנחלים על הקפאת הבניה

Learn about the Settlers public campaign against the Israeli Government's decision to freeze the building of residential units In the Settlements.

رحلة الى ارض النزاع – الجزء الاختتامى للمقدمة Special Report – A Journey to the Land of Conflict: Introduction, Final דו”ח מיוחד של פנג’אן – מסע לארץ המריבה, סיכום ההקדמה

How many Settlers live in the West Bank? How many Palestinians? What motivates the large group of the Settlerrs? What is the every day routine for Settlers and Palestinian? Learn about that and more in the last segment if the Introduction to A Journey to the Land of Conflict.

رحلة الى ارض النزاع – المقدمة1 Special Report – A Journey to the Land of Conflict: Introduction, Part 1 דו”ח מיוחד של פנג’אן- מסע לארץ המריבה

Avi Melamed the founder of www.feenjan.com is talking about the history of the Israeli settlements.

مجاز الانباء:تمديد تجميد البنا في المستوطنات Feenjan News: Nov 14, The Freeze

مجاز الإنباء تمديد تجميد البناء في المستوطنات This video discusses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to extend the freeze in the West Bank.

عرب ويهود في اسرائيل:علاقات متنوعة الوجوه Israeli Arabs Part 5: Public Opinion Polls

What do Israeli Arabs think of Israel? What are the concerns of both Jewish and Arab communities in Israel today? Are things different than they used to be? What are some of the unexpected findings of studies conducted on these issues? Learn about it and more.

שיחות ישירות בין ישראל לפלסטינים והאתגרים הפנימיים של הצדדים Israeli-Palestinian Direct Talks: The Internal Challenges of Both sides المفاوضات الاسراءيلية- فلسطينية:التحديات الداخلية للجانبين

Avi Melamed talks about the internal challenges of the Israelis and the Palestinians as direct talks between both sides start in Washington DC in the shadow of a murderous terror attack conducted by Hamas, a Palestinian radical movement, that oppose the attempts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. Avi is the founder of www.feenjan.com, a non-profit organization dedicated…

قطاع غزة, يونيو 2010: ماذا هو الوضع حقيقة ؟ Gaza July 2010: What’s The Real Situation?מה המצב בעזה

What is the real situation in Gaza in June 2010? Here are some facts that might surprise you: The markets of Gaza are flooded with goods. The price of gasoline in Gaza is cheaper that in Israel. There is no starvation in Gaza nor shortage of any kind of medicines or medical treatment. That being said, the life of the…


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