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Palestinian Elections: Abbas’s Calculated Risk or Gamble?

The original article was published in the Jerusalem Post. In January, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed a presidential decree announcing elections for the Palestinian Parliament and the presidency. The elections are to take place in late May and July, respectively. Abbas also called to reconstitute the Palestinian National Council – a body representing the world’s Palestinians – by late August. In…

Interview With Avi Melamed on Upcoming Palestinian Elections

Please Note: This is a Spanish Podcast, but my interview is in English.

Palestinian Elections | My Interview on Kan

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced parliamentary and presidential elections- the first in 15 years-will take place later this year. Legislative elections on May 22 and a presidential vote on July 31. The Palestinians’ last parliamentary ballot in 2006 resulted in a surprise win by Hamas, widening an internal political rift that led to the group’s seizure of the Gaza Strip…

Extended Intelligence Report – July 2017 Temple Mount Compound Crisis: Regional Perspectives

Click here for a PDF of this Intelligence Report    On July 16, 2017 I wrote an Intelligence Bulletin – The Attack on The Temple Mount Compound: Regional Reactions. This is an extended Intelligence Report on the issue.   *** Intelligence Report *** August 8, 2017  July 2017 Crisis over Temple Mt. Compound: Regional Perspectives   Information: On Friday July 14,…

Avi Melamed on I24 News July 28 2017

Avi Melamed on I24 News with Calev Ben David discussing Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Palestinians, Jordan, etc. on The Rundown  

Terror Attack at the Temple Mount Compound: Regional Reactions

Immediate Intelligence Bulletin   July 16th, 2017 Terror attack at the Temple Mount Compound: Regional Reactions (** This is an immediate Bulletin. I will publish a more detailed Intelligence Report over the next few days **) Information: On Friday July 14, 2017, three Israeli-Arabs opened fire on Israeli Border Patrol Police securing the Temple Mount Compound in Jerusalem, called Al-Haram…

Is the Israel Egypt Peace Treaty in Jeopardy?

September 1, 2012 by Avi Melamed The calls in Egypt today to revise and even to abolish the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty have grabbed the headlines.  Is the Treaty in danger?  Will it be abolished?  From my analysis the answer is no.  What follows is my reasoning. The main characteristic defining the atmosphere in Egypt today is what I have labeled “political fever.”  More than 20 Egyptians have announced their intention to run for president and dozens of political parties have been formed in the wake of the Mubarak government’s demise. At the same time contemporary Egypt faces enormous challenges.  The most important of these involves their anemic economy which is on the verge of bankruptcy.  It is not at all clear…

The Magic Card Called Israel

June 10, 2011 by Avi Melamed In this short article I would like to share with you a basic rule regarding Israel and the Arab world. The rule is simple – Israel was, is, and to many Arabs will continue to be – a tool, a platform upon which Arab politicians, leaders, scholars, journalists and others could gain popularity, fame and support. Israel is a sure card for these people and many others in the Arab world.  You can always incite against Israel, criticize Israel, attack Israel, and condemn Israel.  That’s a great way to escape responsibility, to avoid the need to confront the real challenges and along the way to gain popularity. A perfect example for that rule was…

Jerusalemite Palestinians: Legal Status and Dual Positions ערביי ירושלים- מעמד משפטי ודואליות الوضع القانوني لفلسطينيي القدس

يتحدث أفي ميلاميد عن الوضع القانوني وازدواجية الآراء على الصعيد السياسي والشخصي لفلسطينيي القدس Avi Melamed is talking about the legal status of Jerusalemite Palestinians and the duality in their positions as manifested in a poll recently published in the USA. אבי מלמד, מייסד עמותת פנג'אן- מדברים עברית בערבית (ע"ר) מסביר על מעמדם המשפטי של ערביי ירושלים והדואליות שמאפיינת את…

فلسطينيو القدس يفضلون البقاء تحت حكم اسرائيل Jerusalemite Palestinians Prefer to Remain Under Israel’s Rule הפלסטינים בירושלים מעדיפים להישאר תחת שלטון ישראל

وفقا لإحصاء أمريكي - فلسطيني يفضل أغلبية الفلسطينيين المقيمين في القدس البقاء تحت سلطة إسرائيل في حالة انقسام المدينة في إطار اتفاق إسرائيلي – فلسطيني. يتحدث آفي ميلاميد عن البعد سياسية والإقليمية للإحصاء. American – Palestinian Poll: Majority of the Palestinians in Jerusalem prefer to stay under Israel's rule if the city is to be split between Israel and the…

رحلة الى ارض النزاع – الجزء الاختتامى للمقدمة Special Report – A Journey to the Land of Conflict: Introduction, Final דו”ח מיוחד של פנג’אן – מסע לארץ המריבה, סיכום ההקדמה

How many Settlers live in the West Bank? How many Palestinians? What motivates the large group of the Settlerrs? What is the every day routine for Settlers and Palestinian? Learn about that and more in the last segment if the Introduction to A Journey to the Land of Conflict.

رحلة الى ارض النزاع – المقدمة1 Special Report – A Journey to the Land of Conflict: Introduction, Part 1 דו”ח מיוחד של פנג’אן- מסע לארץ המריבה

Avi Melamed the founder of www.feenjan.com is talking about the history of the Israeli settlements.

تحدي المتسللون الايفريقيون الجزء الاول The Challenge of African Illegal Immigration to Israel – Part 2 אתגר המהגרים האפריקאים הבלתי חוקיים חלק

Over 26,000 African refugees and infiltators are currently in Israel. How does Israel deal with this issue? What is their status?

عرب القدس: مقابلة تلفزيونية لآفي ميلاميد TV Interview With Avi Melamed on Jerusalemite Palestinians

في هذه الممقابلة التلفزيونية يتحدث آفي ميلاميد عن موضوع عرب القدس. ان المقابلة باللغة العبرية تترجم للغة الانغليزية Avi Melamed is interviewed on TV about the issue of Jerusalemite Palestinians


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