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The Gaza Jungle: Hamas is Under Stress and Other Predators Smell It

April 16, 2011 by Avi Melamed According to reports, a senior Hamas terror militant was killed in a military attack that took place a couple of days ago in Sudan.  The Sudanese Government blames the attack on Israel. Sources say that the person who was killed was Abd al Latif Alashkar “The Blonde” a senior leader within Hamas’ weapon smuggling system.  “The Blonde” is the translation of “Alashkar,” yet this specific person, in his early 30’s, was totally not blonde (Alashkar, according to some information, replaced Mahmud Almabhuh, a senior Hamas leader that was killed in Dubai in January 2011.  According to reports, Almanbhuh was killed by Israeli Mossad agents).  Hamas denies reports of Alashkar’s death and claims that he is…

Chaos Spreads in Syria – An Opportunity for a Strategic Positive Turn in the Middle East

April 13 2011 by Avi Melamed The following message is a brief summary of an expanded article. Here are the main points: As of April 13th 2011, the situation in Syria is becoming more chaotic by the moment. Hundreds of Syrian civilians have been killed by Syrian security forces. The Syrian regime is operating a death squad called “The Ghosts” to take down Syrian civilian protestors. The University of Damascus is under siege and is occupied by the Syrian security forces. A humanitarian crisis is quickly developing in some Syrian cities. There is no bread or electricity in the city of Banias – one of the major centers of the uprising – and civilians that were shot and injured are…


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