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A Senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard was Killed in Syria – Intelligence Bulletin

 ******* Intelligence Bulletin Information Date:      June 9 2013 Event Date:      End of May 2013 Information Item:      A Senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard was Killed in Syria Information Platform:      Various Source:      Various Source Reliability:      Unknown Information Validity:      Unknown Relevant Information:      An Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) Senior Officer named Amir Rida Ali Zadeh was killed at the end of May during fighting in the area of Damascus. His death was kept a secret. No further information regarding this person was disclosed. Assessment:      The information is not verified by other sources and the source’s reliability is unknown. Accumulating reports indicate that Iranian Revolutionary Guards are engaged in combat in Syria, mostly in the area of Damascus, Homs, Al-Qusayr and Aleppo. Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers and specialists – mostly in the field of…

Israel Opening Its Doors to Syrian Refugees?

******* Immediate Intelligence Bulletin Information Date: May 11, 2013 Event Date: May 10, 2013               Information Item: Israel Allowing Syrian Civilians to Enter Israel       Information Platform: Arab source Source: Random Source Reliability: Unknown Information Validity: Unknown Relevant Information: According to Syrian sources affiliated with the rebels in Syria, Israel allowed the entrance of Syrian civilians from the town of Al-Rafeed, located in the central part of the Syrian Golan Heights. The small town of Al-Rafeed is located in the A Zone of the Israeli-Syrian ceasefire line in the Golan Height about a half a mile from the Israeli side. Since the outbreak of war in Syria there were no reports of Syrian civilians trying to enter Israel. However, on different occasions…

Iranian Soldiers Carry Passports to Heaven – Intelligence Bulletin

******* Intelligence Bulletin Information Date:              April 14, 2013 Event Date:                             Recent – Specific Date Unknown                      Information Item:              Iranian Soldiers in Syria carry “Passports to Heaven”       Information Platform:      Arab Media, Visual Source:                                   Ahrar Al Sham Group (Syria) Source Reliability:              Unknown Relevant Information:      Reportedly, a “Passport to Heaven” was found in the possession of an Iranian soldier in a recent raid conducted by the rebel group, Ahrar Al Sham Al Islamiya, on the base of the 17th Brigade of Assad‘s army in the city of Rakka. Accumulating reports indicate that members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been sent to Syria to support the Assad regime in the war in Syria. It should be mentioned that during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) the Iranian…

Iraq is on the Verge of a Violent Sunni–Shiite Confrontation

******* Immediate Intelligence Bulletin Information Date: March 20, 2013 Event Date: March 2013 Information: Iraq is on the verge of a violent Sunni–Shiite confrontation Information Details: According to varied neutral sources, the Sunni tribal leaders in the Al-Anbar province in western Iraq ordered their members to arm themselves immediately in order to confront Iraqi military forces heading towards the Al-Anbar area. Information Platform: Varied Platform Reliability: Varies Source: Neutral, Varied Source Reliability: Unknown Information Validity: Unknown Relevant Information: The majority of Iraqis are Shiites. The Al-Anbar region in western Iraq is the major stronghold of Sunnis in Iraq. Sunni-Shiite relations in Iraq are characterized by a long history of animosity and violence. Accumulating information indicates a growing rage among Iraqi…

Did Israelis Kill Leader of Iranian Revolutionary Guards?

******* Intelligence Bulletin March 16 2013 Information Date:                                    March 16 2013 Information Item:                                    Iranian General was killed by an Israeli Elite force in Beirut? Information Details:                               The Iranian Revolutionary Guards General Hassan Shatri who reportedly was killed during Israeli air strike on the area of Damascus was in fact killed in Beirut by Israeli elite force. Information Platforme:                        Arab Media Source:                                                          Unknown nformation Platform Reliability:     The media platform is generally known as reliable Information Validity:                             Unconfirmed Relevant information:                           Read more about the killing of General Hassan Shatri in my article “How where and when was the Iranian General killed?”published February 15 2013. Assessment:                                                Though the information platform is known to be generally reliable, the information has no confirmation from other sources. Different…

Just Back From Nigeria

Avi Melamed in Office of DIA Commander Avi Melamed just returned from Abuja, Nigeria. Avi was invited by the Nigeria Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA)*.to a National Security Conference to speak about the Middle East from an Intelligence and Geostrategic Perspective. The sponsors of the Conference, the Center for Strategic Studies* in Nigeria held the program at the DIA Academy. For two full days – March 7 and 8, Avi briefed the top Intelligence, Governmental and Military officials in Nigeria on the current challenges and developments in the Middle East and the short term and long terms ramifications of the current events. The Conference’s goal was to expand the Nigerian security, military and government leaders’ understanding of current security issues; to…

Intelligence Bulletin March 12, 2013 Clashes in Ain al-Hilweh, a Palestinian Refugee Camp in South Lebanon

******* Intelligence Bulletin March 12, 2013 Information Date: March 12, 2013 Event Date: March 11, 2013 Information Item: Clashes in Ain al-Hilweh, a Palestinian Refugee Camp in South Lebanon. Information Details: According to my sources clashes broke out during the night of March 11 and continued into the next day in a neighborhood called Ras al-Ahmar in the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp. Reportedly, the clashes were a result of an attempted assassination of a senior leader of the Sunni Jihadist militant group known as Fatah al-Islam. The clashes resulted in a few injuries. Source: Media Platform, Neutral Sources, Others Source Reliability: Reliable Information Validity: Valid Relevant information: One person injured in the clashes – the apparent target of the assassination attempt – is identified as…

Intelligence Bulletin – Are Egyptian officers being held hostage in the Gaza Strip?

******* Intelligence Bulletin   Item:                                       Egyptian officers being held hostage in the Gaza Strip? Information Date:             8/3/2013 Information:                         The wife of an Egyptian officer who was kidnapped in the Sinai Peninsula said she was advised by the President of Egypt to “be patient.”  She says that her husband, who was kidnapped together with some of his colleagues, are being held hostage in the Gaza Strip by a Jihadist Palestinian group named Jeish Al-Islam that wants to trade the kidnapped men for one of the group’s activists who is currently imprisoned in Egypt. Source:                                  Media Source Reliability:            Evaluated as reliable Information Validity:      Likely to be valid Relevant information:     Similar information provided by a single source in November 2012 indicated that 3 or 4 Egyptian police officers…

Head of Military Intelligence: Events in Syria Present New Threat

October 7, 2012 by Avi Melamed Head of the Military Intelligence Directorate, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, and other senior members of Military Intelligence toured the Golan Heights on Wednesday, October 3 and express concern for the security of the area due to the growing Jihad presence. Their comments support the article I posted on September 20 entitled A Disturbing Scenario in the Golan Heights. Click for the official IDF report and click for my article A Disturbing Scenario in the Golan Heights


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