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Is War in the Middle East Inevitable?

February 25, 2012 by Avi Melamed The Iranian nuclear military program and the possibility of a massive military collision in the Middle East are clearly occupying the world’s attention. These concerns are not groundless.  However, is military confrontation inevitable? In this article, I would like to bring your attention to the fact that at this specific moment, due to the…

Black is White, Up is Down: Master of distortion

February 5, 2012 by Avi Melamed Mr. Abdel Bari Atwan is the Chief Editor of a very popular London based, Arab newspaper, Al-Quds Al-Arabi. Mr. Atwan, who lives In the UK, is a very welcome guest on British television, Al Jazeera and other media channels. I recently saw him on a Middle East panel hosted by one of the British TV channels and I was struck by the fact that neither the host nor the other participants found it appropriate to ask Mr. Atwan some tough questions regarding his outspoken opinions. For example, they could have asked Mr. Atwan to explain the way he described Osama Bin Laden in articles he published following the killing of Bin Laden. Here is…

The Iranian Dance of the Veils

November 20, 2011 by Avi Melamed In October 2011 the US administration announced that it had successfully intercepted an Iranian terror plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the US in Washington DC and to attack the Embassies of Israel and Saudi Arabia in the United States as well as in Argentina. The involvement of the Iranian regime in terrorist schemes is not new.  To learn more please read an article I published in 2009 – “Masters of Chaos: The Iranian Mullah Regime.” The recent alleged Iranian plot is keeping the media, analysts and intelligence agencies very busy. One major question asked often these days in Arab media is:  Is it true or was it American spin aimed to set…

Commemorating 9/11: A Close Look at the Face of Hate

September 11, 2011 by Avi Melamed As the world commemorates September 11, 2001, I would like to share with you a powerful testimony that provides a close, intimate look into the face of the hate. Before I do, allow me to briefly explain how I came across the poignant story I’m about to share with you. In November 2010 I launched a unique web-based initiative called Feenjan, in which I create short videos in Arabic (with English sub-titles) that present different aspects of Israel to the Arab world.  My goal through Feenjan is to add an Israeli-Jewish voice, in Arabic, to the narrative about Israel and to develop a platform for creating relationships between Israelis and Arabs around issues of common…

Osama Bin Laden is Dead and Alive

May 7, 2011 by Avi Melamed Over the past week the killing of Osama Bin Laden has been discussed from a plethora of perspectives.  In this article I would like to present a less discussed and less familiar part of the discussion.  The killing of Bin Laden reveals deep layers within the Arab world.  What are they?   What can we learn from these layers about the nature of the relations between the Muslim world and the West?  And, inevitably, I will also talk about the Israeli aspect of this issue. Here is a strange sentence:  Osama Bin Laden is dead and Osama Bin Laden is alive. Let me be clear:  In my mind he is definitely dead.  However, many people…

Masters of Chaos: The Iranian Mullah Regime

June 14, 2010 by Avi Melamed The UN Security Council has issued the fourth round of sanctions on Iran. It is enormously important to understand how dangerous this regime is and it is and no less important to confront the voices in the world that, either out of moral confusion or lack of understanding, or worse – out of cynical calculations – are trying to justify and legitimize the nuclear ambition of one of the most dangerous regimes in the world. Chaos is a good friend of the Iranian Mullah regime. And that regime is making sure to create chaos wherever and whenever it can.  Iran, under the Mullah regime, as described by the US State Department, is “the most…


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