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To Understand Israel, You Must Understand The Neighborhood


Building Your Own GPS to Navigate the Middle East in the 21st Century

At the beginning of the 21st Century an ancient power struggle over the throne, hegemons aspiring to revive empires that have been lost to history, a new, emerging empire, and an ongoing struggle over the path, identity, and, direction – all coincide to generate a “perfect storm” in the Middle East.

Who are all these players? How and why do these factors coincide now? How do they currently impact the region? What does the future hold for the Middle East?

This two-part briefing will begin “at the beginning “and take us on a journey through a fascinating story that will bring us up to today – the summer of 2020. Along the way, you will learn the core concepts, meet the central players – ancient and modern, and you will learn the language of the Middle East, and know what makes this region tick.

These two sessions will provide you the knowledge to “understand the news better “and predict where events may lead!

Number of Sessions:           Two

Format:                                  60 Minutes (30 – 40 Minute Presentation, followed by Q &)


Changing the Lenses:  A New Framework for Discussion

Israel is becoming a divisive issue within the American Jewish community. Many young people (and not so young) are distancing themselves from Israel. This process damages the connection between American Jews and Israel; Compromises the fabric of the American Jewish Community; Causes tensions within individual families; And in my thesis threatens the future of the Jewish people.

Why did this happen? What can be done to address the issue? How can we make Israel a uniting and not dividing issue within the American Jewish community?

This lecture explores the underlying issues. And offers a new framework for a constructive, apolitical, and respectful discussion that will strengthen American Jewry’s societal fabric and reaffirm a robust and sustainable connection to Israel and ensure Israel’s place as a unifying entity for the American Jewish Community.

Number of Sessions:           One

Format:                                  90 Minutes (45 Minute Presentation, followed by Q &)


Israel’s Northern Front – & The Shi’ite Crescent: A Geostrategic Analysis

In December 2004, King Abdullah II of Jordan warned about the dangers of the Iranian Shi’ite Crescent and Iran’s hegemonic vision. In the first two decades of the 21st Century, Iran has made significant progress towards fulfilling its goal of being the dominant regional superpower. The backbone of Iran’s Shi’ite Crescent is a network of armed agents and proxies, including dozens of thousands of non-Iranian Shi’ite militants from across the region. For the last ten years, Iran has been working on building an Iranian Controlled Corridor ‎from Iran through Iraq through Syria through Lebanon to the Mediterranean Sea. Iran’s corridor is the most significant military threat Israel is facing. Therefore, Israel has vowed it will do whatever it takes to prevent Iran from securing the passage.

How did Iran build this infrastructure? What threat does is hold for Israel and the region? What must be done to ensure the Corridor and the Crescent do not materialize?

‎Number of Sessions:           One

Format:                                  90 Minutes (45 Minute Presentation, followed by Q &)


Current Events: Middle East Briefing

An Update & Analysis on the region’s most salient events and how they impact Israel’s geostrategic environment

Number of Sessions:           One

Format:                                  Option of 60 or 90 Minutes (30 – 45 Minute Presentation, followed by Q &)


Milestones in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A View From The Region

A conventional narrative in the West argues that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will “bring peace to the Middle East “and will resolve the region’s challenges. That theory is inaccurate – and, to no small extent, counterproductive. The reality is actually the other way around. It is the Middle East that shapes and impacts the course and path of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

This course traces the etymology and evolution of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict on two simultaneous timelines – the conflict on the ground and the events and developments n the Middle East.

This approach reveals the chain of links in the Middle East, how these links are connected one to the other, and how they impact and shape the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. Understanding the links in the chain offers critical insights.  And more important – it provides a platform for out of the box thinking to promote a productive and sustainable arrangement that could hopefully provide Israelis and Palestinians a constructive breakthrough out of the sad, vicious cycle in which they are caught.

Number of Sessions:           Four to Five

Format:                                  60 Minutes (30 – 45 Minute Presentation, followed by Q &)


The Struggle Over Path, Identity & Direction in the Arab World

From the rebellion in the streets of Beirut, through the ruins of Syria, across the bloody streets of Iraq, to the smoldering squares of Tehran, a new dawn is rising as millions of people take to the streets in the struggle for hope.

This class tells the untold story of the Arab world today. What we are witnessing in front of our very eyes is a struggle over the path, identity, and direction of the Arab world – and perhaps the emergence of a new model of statehood in the Middle East. Explore the entities, organizations, and people competing to define the path of the Arab world.

Who will win the hearts and minds of the people of the Middle East? Islamic organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood? More radical Islamic organizations like Al-Qaeda or ISIS? Or civil society groups and organizations fighting for democratic values of equality and justice? Will crumbling Arab states be able to create a new, more unifying sense of “statehood”? How will the battle between sovereignty and the hegemonic vision of aspiring regional powers shape the future of this area? The outcome of this historical process will impact the region, Israel, and the West. Because remember – what happens in the Middle East doesn’t stay in the Middle East

Number of Sessions:           Three

Format:                                  60 Minutes (30 – 45 Minute Presentation, followed by Q &A)


All of the above are Indoor Briefings / Classes Via ZOOM or other Video Platforms


There are also options for recorded or live and/or interactive Outdoor IntelEdventures. Including Briefings & IntelliTours of various overlooks and locations including Jerusalem, The Gaza Strip, The Syrian Border, The Lebanese Border, The West Bank.

And PersonalEncounToursinteractive conversations via zoom or other video platforms with: Residents that live: In Jerusalem; On the Gaza border; On the Syrian border; On the Lebanese border; Israelis living in the West Bank; Palestinians living in the West Bank


*Please note that all of the above are not “static” academic lectures, each includes the most up to date information and analysis*


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