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Historical & Holistic Knowledge of the Middle East

The Antidote for Partisan, Biased, “Fake” News & Myopic Vision

“Inside the Middle East” is a program for motivated students and practitioners. ITME teaches you to separate the wheat from the chaff, think critically, challenge popular tropes, evaluate primary sources and apply these skills to fast-breaking, real-world issues.


ITME doesn’t teach WHAT to think – ITME teaches HOW to think.







Educational Field Seminar to Israel and The Palestinian Territories

August 3 – 10, 2019

Some quotes from ITME Congressional Fellowship Alumni:

~ “On Capitol Hill the most difficult thing to earn is trust. You now have ours and we are eager to share our support for this program with others!”

~ “The wide range of lectures with such diverse viewpoints was something that doesn’t happen often. The value of being presented nearly all aspects of the region without an obvious tilt is invaluable.”

~ “I’m leaving with a quantum leap in knowledge about Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East.”

~ “To get to speak with & hear from a fantastic combination of thinkers, policy and regional experts, a wide range of community members – all with such varying and contradicting opinions – is what makes this program so special. “

~ “This program is amazing and I would recommend it to any staffer who wants to gain an in-depth, non-partisan/non-political view of the region.” 

~ “ITME encourages independent thought rather than pushing an agenda. Avi is passionate about and committed to providing a well-rounded education.”

~ “In an era of extreme partisanship in Congress, with Staffers often only having the opportunity – or time – to learn about pressing and complicated policy issues through a narrow lens, ITME offers a unique opportunity to gain exposure to a vast array of perspectives….the ITME program is ambitious and unparalleled in this undertaking…It is my hope that future Congressional Staffers will have the opportunity to help inform their policymaking.” 

~ “I cannot say enough about how much I learned and how valuable this experience will be as I move forward in my career…Please keep doing this program, it will have a real impact on the Hill.”

~ “I really hope this unique program continues to grow and more Congressional Staffers have the opportunity to participate. Because of the unique nature of this program, there is no way it will not make an impact on Capitol Hill.”

More Information on ITME Congressional Fellowship

ITME Congressional Fellowship II 2019 Curriculum and Overview

Educational Field Seminar Itinerary



ITME doesn’t teach WHAT to think – ITME teaches HOW to think.

Gettysburg College – ITME4 VIDEO ~ 2016 – 2017

All Hallows High School, Bronx New York – ITME2 Video ~ February 2018

More Information on ITME All Hallows High School Program

ITME High School Seminar at All Hallows Session Breakdown Spring 2018


Gettysburg College – ITME3 Article ~ 2015 – 2016

Eyes on the Middle East – The Eisenhower Institute, students get a first-hand look at the contrast and complexity of the contemporary Middle East ~ by Carina Director of Communications & Content Strategy, Communications and Marketing, Gettysburg College


Gettysburg College – ITME2 Video ~ 2014 – 2015



Gettysburg College – ITME Promo Video Year 1 ~ 2013


What ITME Graduates Say:

“ITME changed my entire way of thinking.”

“ITME changed the entire trajectory of my academic and professional career”

“ITME was the main talking point of all of my job interviews and was consistently mentioned in all of my feedback after I had accepted my current job. All of the stories, experiences, knowledge, and altered thinking capacities from ITME paved the way for these events. Once again, thank you all for everything you have done to help me reach this point, and I look forward to paying it forward to future classes and ITME alumni.”

“ITME shook my world and challenged everything I know about foreign policy”

“I’ve learned more than I ever could in a classroom.

“I have been interviewing at a defense contractor in the states…My experiences both as a participant and a staffer for ITME were definitely the highlight of the interview and the most impressive elements of my background according to the interviewer”

“The program continues to have a uniquely positive effect on me professionally and personally as I attempt to develop my own opinions on the mess that is American politics right now. In the words of Avi, the program truly does start when it ends.”

“The most important skills that I learned in ITME were how to gather and analyze information. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with information and program taught me how to think about how I gather and analyze information, skills that I continue to have today and utilize every time I come across a fresh news source. This is applicable across a wide variety of fields and everyone, not just people interested in the nitty-gritty details of the Middle East, can, and should utilize these skills.”

“My experience in ITME served as a catalyst for a career in the defense industry. Avi’s unique teaching style and intimate knowledge of the Middle East put the gravity of the region’s affairs into perspective. This realization coupled with my affinity for defense topics solidified my decision to work for a major defense contractor. To come full circle, I now support a Missile Defense Sensors program with deployed assets in the Middle East”.

Program opportunities:

  • Year-and Semester-Long Academic Program (with or without Middle East trip)
  • Multi-day Seminars
  • Colloquia
  • Trainings
  • Speeches



Avi Melamed, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, Middle East Expert, former Israeli Intelligence Official, Senior Official on Arab Affairs, and Educator created the program when he served as the Salisbury Fellow of Intelligence and Middle East Affairs for the Eisenhower Institute from 2013 – 2018. Under his leadership, ITME grew from an undergraduate initiative, to include workshops and seminars from High Schools to Capitol Hill, directly impacting the outlook, educational path, and career trajectory of more than 150 current and future leaders. Now in its sixth year, ITME is an independent 501(c)(3) with the same mission – to provide a non-partisan education on the contemporary Middle East while teaching critical analysis in an innovative and engaging fashion


ITME is a US tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.  Year- and semester-long programs and multi-day seminars subsidized by ITME supporters to make participation affordable. To Donate or for more Information on ITME please Contact: Avi Melamed at


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