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Yarmuk Movie: Kill the Messenger

March 1  2015 Yarmuk Movie: Kill the Messenger by Avi Melamed The article you are about to read was actually written in April 2014. I wrote the article following an eight-minute fiction movie called Yarmuk that was published on YouTube in March 2014. The movie was directed and produced by an Arab director and actor named Muhammad Bakri. The movie was removed from YouTube shortly after it was posted, and – unfortunately before I could publish my article. My attempts to find the movie were unsuccessful therefore I decided not to publish my article. Until now. These very days, after a long search and research, I found the movie. What is the movie’s background? Why was it removed and by…

Syrian Refugees Intelligence Bulletin

Intelligence Bulletin ***** Information Date:  Accumulating Event Date:  Ongoing Information Item:  The Sexual Exploitation of Refugee Syrian Girls Information Platform:  Varied Source:  Varied Source reliability:  Reliable Information validity:  Valid Relevant information:  One of the outcomes of the war in Syria is a huge influx of Syrian refugees both inside and outside Syria. According to UN official figures, the number of Syrian refugees in the region (mostly in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey) is about 1.5 Million and the number of Syrian refugees inside Syria is around 2 Million. The real numbers are probably much higher.Syrian refugees are in a desperate situation. men from different parts of the Arab world are taking advantage of that. they offer families between $50 and $500…

Iran: Anatomy of a Desperate Society

May 6, 2012 by Avi Melamed   In 1979 Rouhallah Ayatollah Khomeini sparked the Islamic revolution in Iran.  With that Revolution the rule of the Pahlavi dynasty in Iran came to end. The Islamic Revolution established a theocratic regime in Iran, or as the country has been called from that time on, “The Islamic Republic of Iran.” The regime that came to power envisioned the Islamic Republic of Iran to become a beacon of progress, prosperity and achievement.  In their vision “The Islamic Republic of Iran” would be the ultimate proof of Islam’s (and mostly Shiite Islam’s) moral and practical superiority. However vision is one thing and reality is another…More than 30 years after the Revolution, Iranian society in 2012…

Cruel Iraq Percolating Democracy

March 15, 2012      by Avi Melamed   According to recent reports, at least fourteen teenagers – some argue that the number is actually much higher – were murdered inIraq.  Most of the youths were stoned and others were shot.  They were targeted because they were labeled as “Satan worshipers.” These teenagers are known in Arabic as “emo” – a shortcut for the English word “emotional.”   Their apparel and codes of dress are clearly inspired by Western heavy metal music and culture. An anonymous entity entitled “The Rage Companies” published a leaflet which included the names of twenty-two other Iraqi teenagers.  The “Rage Companies” demand that these twenty-two individuals sever their connection with the “emo” group otherwise they too will be…

Almost a Suicide Bomber: The Story of Amal Juma’ah

December 8, 2011  by Avi Melamed In October 2011, a deal was struck between Hamas and Israel. Over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners were exchanged for the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit that was abducted by Hamas in June 2006. You can read more about the prisoner swap deal in my article: Israel – Hamas Prisoner Swap Deal: Arab Perspectives. Amal Juma’ah was one of the Palestinian female prisoners released by Israel. Following her release, Amal Juma’ah was hospitalized in a Palestinian hospital in Nablus with an undisclosed sickness. There has been talk of her being transferred to a Jordanian hospital. The Palestinian President, Mahmud Abbas, ordered the Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, to make sure that all costs for her medical treatment…


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