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Bahrain & Normalization with Israel | A Diplomatic incident

On July 21, 2022, the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, published a decree (Decree 38 of 2022) ordering the appointment of Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa as the head of the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities. https://www.culture.gov.bh/en  https://www.instagram.com/culturebah/  @culturebah Arab news sites and social media platforms claim the reason for the decree is that Shaikha Mai bint Muhammad…

Houthi Attack on the UAE | Iran Attempting to Dictate the Deterrence Equation

Information On January 17, 2022, an oil depot facility near the Abu Dhabi international airport was attacked apparently by assault drone(s). As a result of the attack, three people were killed, and six were injured. A Houthi military spokesman in Yemen claimed the Houthis carried out the attack. Background: The War in Yemen Yemen is one of the most strategically…

Connecting the Dots | Special Briefing March 1, 2021

Special Briefing | March 1, 2021 Connecting the Dots | The Alliance of Moderation & Iranian Attack, US Attack Houthi Attack On Thursday, February 25th there was an explosion on an Israeli-owned commercial ship in the Gulf of Oman. Later that night – in the early hours of February 26th, United States forces attacked the Iman Ali Compound in eastern…

The Israel-UAE Peace Agreement & The Restructured Middle East

In this short article, I will explain how the Abraham Accord, the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE itself, and the responses to the agreement, represent the new geostrategic construct of the region.


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