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Nasrallah is finished in the Arab World

August 14, 2011 Avi wrote an article The Middle East:  Where Rhetoric is Rarely Reality on the impending crash of Hezbollah’s image in the Arab world.  “…The growing intervention of Iran in the internal affairs of Arab States; the public and practical support that Iran and Hezbollah provide the Assad government that brutally oppresses the uprising of the Syrian people; the increasing threats that Iran makes towards its Arab neighbors in the Gulf area; and of course the Tribunal’s report – all these events increase the feelings of resentment among Sunni Arabs towards the Shiites, and the animosity of Arab states toward Iran and its proxy Hezbollah.”  May 1, 2012 the president of Tunisia in a formal interview declares that Nasrallah…

Is War in the Middle East Inevitable?

February 25, 2012 by Avi Melamed The Iranian nuclear military program and the possibility of a massive military collision in the Middle East are clearly occupying the world’s attention. These concerns are not groundless.  However, is military confrontation inevitable? In this article, I would like to bring your attention to the fact that at this specific moment, due to the…

Calls For an Uprising of The Arab Population in the District of Hozastan, Iran

April 14, 2011 by Avi Melamed  As the eyes of the world are all turned to events in Libya and Syria, a fire may erupt soon in one of most strategically sensitive areas in the Middle East:  The district of Hozastan in Iran. Hozastan is a huge district stretching along the eastern shore of the Arab Gulf.  The majority of the population in the district is Shi’ite, yet there is a big Sunni population as well.  The accurate number of the Sunnis in Iran is not clear – apparently around 10 million people (Iran’s total population is about 74 million).  The largest sect in Iran is the Shi’ites yet they are not the majority.  Iranian is a multi-ethnic society. The…

From Japan to Iran: Something to Think About

March 16, 2011 by Avi Melamed As the world closely and anxiously watches the nuclear drama unfold in JapanI would like to share with you the following thought provoking story, which clearly has much relevance. A couple of weeks ago a series of massive explosions rocked the city of Kum in Iran. That was not a terror attack.  The blasts were caused by gas leaking from the huge gas system infrastructure located in the area.  The reason for the explosions was simply the poor and deteriorating conditions of the massive Iranian gas infrastructure.  The Iranian President was alarmed; he knew that this time the regime was lucky, because there were no fatalities.  If such event repeats itself, and causes fatalities, it…

Masters of Chaos: The Iranian Mullah Regime

June 14, 2010 by Avi Melamed The UN Security Council has issued the fourth round of sanctions on Iran. It is enormously important to understand how dangerous this regime is and it is and no less important to confront the voices in the world that, either out of moral confusion or lack of understanding, or worse – out of cynical calculations – are trying to justify and legitimize the nuclear ambition of one of the most dangerous regimes in the world. Chaos is a good friend of the Iranian Mullah regime. And that regime is making sure to create chaos wherever and whenever it can.  Iran, under the Mullah regime, as described by the US State Department, is “the most…


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