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The Boycott Law قانون المقاطعة חוק החרם

In this Video Clip, Avi Melamed, the founder of feenjan.com (a non-profit organization) is talking about the Boycott Law and public debate in Israel over that law يتحدث افي ميلاميد عن قانون المقاطعة في إسرائيل אבי מלמד, מייסד עמותת פנג'אן- מדברים עברית בערבית מדבר על חוק החרם

feenjan on PeaceMedia http://peacemedia.usip.org/

PeaceMedia is a collection of multimedia entries—searchable by country, topic and media type—that allows users to enhance their research and understanding of conflict management around the world.  http://peacemedia.usip.org/

Israeli Arabs Part 2: Sports and the Judicial System عرب اسرائيل في مجالي القانون

The Israeli Arab judge that sentenced the Israeli Military officer....the Israeli Arab football players in the Israeli National Football League, etc. - the different and complex dimensions of Israeli Arabs integration into Israeli society.

سيكون شهر يونيو2010 حارا جدا في الشرق الأوسط Summer of Tension and Excitement in the Middle East – the 2010 World Cup קיץ 2010 הולך להיות חם מאוד במזה”ת

June 2010 is expected to be very hot in the Middle East...in Jerusalem, Cairo, Amman, Beirut, Ryad, etc. thousands wil gather in the streets and tension in the region will reach new climax...


"Inside the Middle East:
Making Sense of the Most Dangerous and Complicated Place on Earth"

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