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Interview With Avi Melamed on Upcoming Palestinian Elections

Please Note: This is a Spanish Podcast, but my interview is in English.

Rethinking the Middle East – Will the Western Media Rise to the Challenge?

August 8, 2014 I was asked to give a speech yesterday in New York about media coverage regarding Israel. Here is the text of the speech. My name is Avi Melamed. I’m an Independent Middle East Expert and Strategic Intelligence Analyst. I’m an Israeli Jew. I’m here today, not as a prosecutor. I’m here today, not to blame and accuse the media. I’m here today to address the Western media. Not from a place of resentment or criticism; rather, I’m here today to respectfully address the Western media from a place of seeking cooperation and a better mutual understanding. Over the last generation a disturbing process has taken place in regard to knowledge in the West about the Middle East.…


"Inside the Middle East:
Making Sense of the Most Dangerous and Complicated Place on Earth"

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