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Since the announcement of the Peace Agreement between the UAE and Israel has been announced,, the term “normalization” has been widely used in the Western press. In this video, I will discuss the term “normalization.” A new word in the Western press, but a term used for decades in the Arab and Muslim world. This explanation is part of a…

Who Are The Iranian Revolutionary Guards?

The Iranian Mullah regime came to power in 1979. Iran’s official name is the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran is an Islamic Shi’ite theocracy ruled by Mullahs. The word mullah is an Islamic clerical term. A mullah is a learned scholar of Islamic theology who is authorized to share his knowledge. The Shi’ite clerical order is hierarchical. The most senior cleric in the Shi’ite clergy is Ayatollah ‘Uzma – the Grand Ayatollah. The word Ayatollah is two words that mean “Sign of God.” As we learned in the opening chapter, one of the core Shi’ite narratives is that their God-given right to lead the Muslim world was stolen from them in the year 680 when Hussein Bin ‘Ali Bin Abi…

Al Quds

Al-Quds is the name in Arabic for Jerusalem. The word is taken from the Hebrew word for holy which is kadosh. Al-Quds and means “The Holy.”  On Al-Quds Day there are rallies, demonstrations, and programs in which Muslims express their commitment to liberate Al-Quds from Israeli rule. Mecca and Al-Medina in the Arabian Peninsula are the holiest places for Islam. Al-Quds is the third holiest place for Sunni Muslims (over eighty percent of Muslims are Sunni). Although in Islam, the sacredness of Al-Quds is not comparable to that of Mecca and Al-Medina, Islam describes Al-Quds as “the first to direct prayer and the third to religious sanctity.” Here is a brief explanation of the phrase “First Direction of Prayer.” During the first year of Islam,…

Ha Ha Bayit

The Temple Mt. Compound is known in Hebrew as Har Ha Bayit (The Mountain of the Temple). Har Ha Bayit is the most sacred place for Jews. The ancient Jewish Temples were located inside the compound. Both were demolished. The First Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE. The Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. Part of the western perimeter of the ancient Jewish Temple which is preserved in our times is also known as the Western Wall, known in Hebrew as Ha-Kotel Ha Ma’aravi (The Western Wall). Since the demolition of the Second Temple, the Western Wall – as the only remaining remnant of the Temple – is the most sacred site for Jews. Between 1948 and 1967 the Temple Mount…

Al Haram Al Sharif & Al Aqsa

The Temple Mountain Compound is known in Arabic as Al-Haram As-Sharif (The Noble Sacred Site). Al-Haram As-Sharif is the third most sacred place for Muslims after Mecca and Medina – both of which are located in the Arab Peninsula. In the complex are two important symbols of Islam that were built during the Islamic conquests of the late 7th and early 8th centuries AD. One is the Dome of the Rock and the other is the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The word “Al-Aqsa” means “The Far Edge.” The term “Al-Aqsa” appears in the first verse of Chapter 17 of the Qur’an (the Islamic Bible). Chapter 17 describes Muhammad’s miraculous night journey to a place called “al-Aqsa.” For a long time, Islamist theologians identified “al-Aqsa” with…


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