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Since the announcement of the Peace Agreement between the UAE and Israel has been announced,, the term “normalization” has been widely used in the Western press. In this video, I will discuss the term “normalization.” A new word in the Western press, but a term used for decades in the Arab and Muslim world. This explanation is part of a…

Who Are The Iranian Revolutionary Guards?

The Iranian Mullah regime came to power in 1979. Iran’s official name is the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran is an Islamic Shi’ite theocracy ruled by Mullahs. The word mullah is an Islamic clerical term. A mullah is a learned scholar of Islamic theology who is authorized to share his knowledge. The Shi’ite clerical order is hierarchical. The most senior cleric in the Shi’ite clergy is Ayatollah ‘Uzma – the Grand Ayatollah. The word Ayatollah is two words that mean “Sign of God.” As we learned in the opening chapter, one of the core Shi’ite narratives is that their God-given right to lead the Muslim world was stolen from them in the year 680 when Hussein Bin ‘Ali Bin Abi…


"Inside the Middle East:
Making Sense of the Most Dangerous and Complicated Place on Earth"

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