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Extended Intelligence Report – July 2017 Temple Mount Compound Crisis: Regional Perspectives

Click here for a PDF of this Intelligence Report    On July 16, 2017 I wrote an Intelligence Bulletin – The Attack on The Temple Mount Compound: Regional Reactions. This is an extended Intelligence Report on the issue.   *** Intelligence Report *** August 8, 2017  July 2017 Crisis over Temple Mt. Compound: Regional Perspectives   Information: On Friday July 14,…

Avi Melamed on I24 News July 28 2017

Avi Melamed on I24 News with Calev Ben David discussing Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Palestinians, Jordan, etc. on The Rundown  

Terror Attack at the Temple Mount Compound: Regional Reactions

Immediate Intelligence Bulletin   July 16th, 2017 Terror attack at the Temple Mount Compound: Regional Reactions (** This is an immediate Bulletin. I will publish a more detailed Intelligence Report over the next few days **) Information: On Friday July 14, 2017, three Israeli-Arabs opened fire on Israeli Border Patrol Police securing the Temple Mount Compound in Jerusalem, called Al-Haram…

The Iranians and the Mossad are in Cahoots and Other Assorted Distortions…

October 6, 2012 by Avi Melamed The violent events in the Arab and Muslim world sparked by the movie “Innocence of Muslims” do not reflect the majority of Muslims.  In fact, it is doing them a disservice because the truth is that the majority of Muslims reject extremism. That being said, the events do reflect the deep feelings of frustration and inferiority which are rampant today in the Muslim and Arab world.  These feelings stem from the fact that the Arab and Muslim world today is by and large an “underachieving” society – socially and economically – plagued by suffocating poverty, high rates of unemployment, ever-growing corruption, paralyzing illiteracy, lack of civil and personal rights, and escalating violence. The events that…

Knights of Human Rights

   July 10, 2011                                                                             by Avi Melamed In my most recent article entitled The Freedom Flotilla or More Accurately – Flotil-LIEI made the following argument: The Flotilla is a cynical PR campaign disguised as “an initiative that aims to provide humanitarian aid to the people in the Gaza Strip.”  Its real purpose is to paint Israel black. That article, like most of my articles and briefings, was based upon Arab sources.  It was my goal to provide you access to primary Arab sources that supported the above thesis.  Therefore, I included links in the paper; links to independent articles and reports as well as links to the official Hamas web site that supported the claim that there is no humanitarian…


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