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Avi Melamed US Lecture Tour Spring 2014

A New Middle East Requires a New Understanding. Events of an historic scale are rocking the Middle East. I have spent many years of my life in the streets of the Arab world.  I have watched the Arab Awakening evolve and erupt from the inside. The Middle East in changing before our very eyes, the landscape is shifting and changing every day, and can drastically change any minute now. My upcoming US lecture tour will help you understand the present and navigate the future. Egypt, the biggest and most important Arab State, is embroiled a fierce battle over its identity. Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen are disintegrating in a bloody and violent process. Lebanon, once known as the Paris…

Where is the Leader of Jabhat Al-Nusrah in Syria? INTELLIGENCE BULETIN

******* Intelligence Bulletin Information Date:                October 26, 2013 Event Date:                            October 25, 2013 Information Item:                 Leader of Jabhat Al- Nusrah killed in Syria? Information Platform:         Varied Source:                                    Vary Source Reliability:                 Unknown Spring:                                     Syrian National TV Network Spring Reliability:                  Unknown Information Validity:            Unconfirmed Relevant Information:         The Syrian TV News network (SANA) associated with the Assad regime, reported that Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani, the leader of the Jabhat Al-Nusra organization, which is affiliated with Al-Qaeda in Syria, was killed on October 25, 2013. Jabhat Al-Nusra rushed to deny the report, announcing that Al-Joulani, as well as Abu Anas Al-Sahabh, another senior leader of the organization, were safe and sound. It should be mentioned that the news item was removed from SANA’s website shortly after it was published. It also…

Iraq is on the Verge of a Violent Sunni–Shiite Confrontation

******* Immediate Intelligence Bulletin Information Date: March 20, 2013 Event Date: March 2013 Information: Iraq is on the verge of a violent Sunni–Shiite confrontation Information Details: According to varied neutral sources, the Sunni tribal leaders in the Al-Anbar province in western Iraq ordered their members to arm themselves immediately in order to confront Iraqi military forces heading towards the Al-Anbar area. Information Platform: Varied Platform Reliability: Varies Source: Neutral, Varied Source Reliability: Unknown Information Validity: Unknown Relevant Information: The majority of Iraqis are Shiites. The Al-Anbar region in western Iraq is the major stronghold of Sunnis in Iraq. Sunni-Shiite relations in Iraq are characterized by a long history of animosity and violence. Accumulating information indicates a growing rage among Iraqi…

Wikistrat Next Generation Strategy Ask a Sr. Analyst Exercise

Ask A Senior Analyst – Mr. Avi Melamed   Mr. Avi Melamed Editor’s Note: Wikistrat’s Facebook followers recently engaged in a 24-hour exclusive Q&A drill with one of Wikistrat’s Senior Analysts – Mr. Avi Melamed. Mr. Avi Melamed, former Israeli Senior Official on Arab Affairs and is an independent Middle East Strategic Intelligence Analyst and lecturer specialized in the current affairs of the Arab and Muslim world, as well as their impact on Israel and the region more widely. Mr. Melamed provides intelligence analysis, briefings and tours to diplomats, Israeli and foreign policy makers, international media outlets and a wide variety of organizations as well as private clients on a range of Israeli and Middle Eastern affairs. Miguel Nunes Silva: …

Cruel Iraq Percolating Democracy

March 15, 2012      by Avi Melamed   According to recent reports, at least fourteen teenagers – some argue that the number is actually much higher – were murdered inIraq.  Most of the youths were stoned and others were shot.  They were targeted because they were labeled as “Satan worshipers.” These teenagers are known in Arabic as “emo” – a shortcut for the English word “emotional.”   Their apparel and codes of dress are clearly inspired by Western heavy metal music and culture. An anonymous entity entitled “The Rage Companies” published a leaflet which included the names of twenty-two other Iraqi teenagers.  The “Rage Companies” demand that these twenty-two individuals sever their connection with the “emo” group otherwise they too will be…

Masters of Chaos: The Iranian Mullah Regime

June 14, 2010 by Avi Melamed The UN Security Council has issued the fourth round of sanctions on Iran. It is enormously important to understand how dangerous this regime is and it is and no less important to confront the voices in the world that, either out of moral confusion or lack of understanding, or worse – out of cynical calculations – are trying to justify and legitimize the nuclear ambition of one of the most dangerous regimes in the world. Chaos is a good friend of the Iranian Mullah regime. And that regime is making sure to create chaos wherever and whenever it can.  Iran, under the Mullah regime, as described by the US State Department, is “the most…


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