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Category: Inside the Middle East.

Restoring U.S. Influence in the Middle East

Published in Inside Sources in May 4, 2016 Restoring U.S. Influence in the Middle East by Avi Melamed The United States is viewed in the Middle East today as a declining power with a diminished ability to influence events and lead. The Arab states, Turkey, and Israel are disturbed by U.S. policy in the Middle East—primarily America’s extended hand towards Iran,…

America Must Revolutionize its Understanding of the Middle East

Published on March 28, 2016, 04:00 pm on The Hill Congressional Blog The Hills Forum for Lawmakers and Policy Professionals For the past generation, America’s Middle East policy has primarily been a chronology of failures. The proactive promotion of democratization in Iraq, Egypt, and the Palestinian arena resulted in catastrophes. Leading from behind appears to have failed too, as chaos in the…


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