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Israeli Arabs Part 2: Sports and the Judicial System عرب اسرائيل في مجالي القانون

The Israeli Arab judge that sentenced the Israeli Military officer....the Israeli Arab football players in the Israeli National Football League, etc. - the different and complex dimensions of Israeli Arabs integration into Israeli society.

Israeli Citizenship Law قانون المواطنة الاسرائيلي חוק האזרחות הישראלית

The Israeli government's decision to redefine Israeli Citizenship Law has generated and intense and complex public debate. The definition of Israel as a Jewish Democratic state is a constant source of controversy among Israeli legal experts, politicians and thinkers.

יום הכיפורים Yom Kipur: The Most Sacred Jewish Holidayعيد الغفران: اقدس العيد لليهود

Learn about the connection between Yom Kipur - the most sacred Jewish holiday - human identity and the contemporary Jewish-Israeli identity.

על ראש השנה The Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanaعيد راس السنة لليهود

Happy New Year! Learn about The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana, the first day the month of Tishrey, the first month of the year in the Hebrew annual calendar.

ההצגה חייבת להימשך..או שמא לא? The Show Must Go On……?يحب ان يستمر المسرح……ام لا؟؟

Avi Melamed talks about a boycott initiative launched by group of Israeli actors and artists that refuse to perform in Israeli settlements. The boycott evoked, as expected, a deep controversy within Israeli society. Avi is the founder of feenjan.com (a non-profit organization dedicated to outreach to the Arab speaking world about Israel).

شهر رمضان الكريم والزاوية الإسرائيلية The Month of Ramadan- an Israeli Perspective חודש הרמצ’אן והזוית הישראלית

Avi Melamed, the founder of www.feenjan.com, Israeli Speaks Arabic, a non-profit organization dedicated to outreach to the Arab speaking world about Israel, is sending greetings from Israel to the Muslim world honoring the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

سيكون شهر يونيو2010 حارا جدا في الشرق الأوسط Summer of Tension and Excitement in the Middle East – the 2010 World Cup קיץ 2010 הולך להיות חם מאוד במזה”ת

June 2010 is expected to be very hot in the Middle East...in Jerusalem, Cairo, Amman, Beirut, Ryad, etc. thousands wil gather in the streets and tension in the region will reach new climax...

עלילות המוסד והבלונדינית המפתה..The Mossad Stories…..قصص “الموساد” والشقراء الفاتنة

TV series are very popular in the Arab world and Israel as well. In this article Avi Melamed explores the role of television in shaping images and public opinion as well as highlighting differences and similarities.

Welcome to feenjan.com!اهلا وسهلا بكم الى فنجان.كوم ברוכים הבאים לפנג’אן- מדברים עברית בערבית

Avi Melamed, an Israeli Jew, through a new pioneering and ground breaking initiative reaches out to the Arab world talking about Israel - in Arabic!

الفنان والديمقراطية الإسرائيلية The Artist and Israeli Democracy האומן והדמוקרטיה הישראלית

The famous Israeli singer, Amir Ben Ayun, recently generated a lively public debate in Israel following his recent song. The debate is about democracy, the freedom of speech, and expression and on a deeper level about Israeli solidarity and public consensus.


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