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PNA Restores Sovereignty in the Gaza Strip

October 2, 2017 Immediate Intelligence Bulletin A Prediction Materialized – PNA Restores Sovereignty in the Gaza Strip   On Monday, October 2, 2017 the Palestinian National Authority Government (PNA) restored its sovereignty in the Gaza Strip. A convoy of some 300 PNA officials, including the PNA Prime Minister, Rami Al-Hamdallah, PNA ministers, as well as PNA security officials arrived in the…

Immediate Intelligence Bulletin – Arab News Platforms Echo Reports ISIS Leader Dead

*** Immediate Intelligence Bulletin ***  July 11, 2017   Arab News Platforms Echo Reports ISIS Leader Dead Information: According to information echoed on July 11, 2017 on some Arab news platforms. ISIS will soon announce the death of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. A platform associated with ISIS echoed – yet did not confirm – the report. In addition, the…

VIDEO ANALYSIS – Latest US Moves in the Middle East

July 2, 2017   In this video Avi Melamed analyses the latest US moves in the Middle East  

Immediate Intelligence Bulletin: Senior Syrian or Hezbollah Military Commander Reportedly killed in Israeli air strike in the Golan Heights

******* Immediate Intelligence Bulletin   Date Report Published: March 19,2017 Information: Senior Syrian or Hezbollah Military Commander Reportedly killed in Israeli air strike in the Golan Heights Date of event: March 19, 2017 Date information received: March 19, 2017 Information Platform: Varied Information Platform Evaluation:  Unknown Source: Varied Source Evaluation: Unknown Spring:   Unknown Spring Evaluation: Unknown Information disclosed: Arab platforms…

“Israel exposed a tunnel from Gaza to Israeli community east of Gaza Strip” – Intelligence Bulletin – April 16th, 2016

Intelligence Bulletin – April 16th, 2016 Date of Event: Current Date Event Reported: April 15, 2016 Date Information Received: April 16, 2016 Information Item: According to Arab sources, Israel Defense Forces exposed a massive tunnel from the Gaza Strip into an Israeli community east of the era of Khan Yunis in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Reportedly, the…

Coming to The US

Dear Friends, It is my pleasure to inform you that I will be in the USA during the second part of September for a short lecture tour focusing on the current events in the Arab World and their impact on Israel. The events in the Middle East obviously capture media headlines and public interest – and with talk of a possible US strike on Syria coverage seems to be at a fever-pitch. As always, I am personally honored and thankful for every event I am invited to and every stage I am given to add to people’s knowledge and understanding of our complex region – especially at this crucial time when a true understanding of what’s happening in the region…

Clashes in Sidon Intelligence Bulletin

******* Intelligence Bulletin Information Date:     June 23 2013 Event Date:     June 23 2013 Information Item:     Clashes in Sidon, Lebanon Information Platform:     Various Source:     Varied Source Reliability:     Reliable Spring:     Local Sources in Sidon Spring Reliability:     Reliable Information Validity:     Confirmed Relevant Information:     On June 18 armed clashes broke out in the area of Abra in the city of Sidon – the biggest city in southern Lebanon. Reportedly, the factors involved in the fighting are supporters of Sunni Preacher Sheikh Ahmed Al-Assir on the one hand, and militants affiliated with the Lebanese Shiite organization, Hezbollah, on the other hand. Sheikh Ahmed Al-Assir is a Sunni preacher known for his tough line criticizing Hezbollah. Following the involvement of Hezbollah in the war in Syria,…

Former Egyptian President Dead?

According to Arab sources Egypt’s overthrown president, Hosni Mubarak, died last night in an Egyptian jail. Reportedly, a formal announcement regarding his death is expected to be released on Sunday, June 16. Please note this has not been officially confirmed.

The Syrian Stalingrad

******* Intelligence Bulletin Information Date:     May 22 2013 Event Date:     Now and Ongoing Information Item:     The Syrian Stalingrad Information Platform:     Various Source:     Varied Source Reliability:     Reliable Information Validity:     Valid Relevant Information:     In October 2012 I wrote an article entitled “Pay Attention to the Battle over Al-Qusayr in Syria” in this article I explained the strategic importance of the city of Al-Qusayr and the surrounding area. These very days, after months of fierce fighting over the city and its outskirts, Assad’s troops, together with Hezbollah, Iranian soldiers and Iraqi Shiite militants are launching a massive attack on Al-Qusayr. They are indiscriminately bombing the city with rockets and…

Did Israelis Kill Leader of Iranian Revolutionary Guards?

******* Intelligence Bulletin March 16 2013 Information Date:                                    March 16 2013 Information Item:                                    Iranian General was killed by an Israeli Elite force in Beirut? Information Details:                               The Iranian Revolutionary Guards General Hassan Shatri who reportedly was killed during Israeli air strike on the area of Damascus was in fact killed in Beirut by Israeli elite force. Information Platforme:                        Arab Media Source:                                                          Unknown nformation Platform Reliability:     The media platform is generally known as reliable Information Validity:                             Unconfirmed Relevant information:                           Read more about the killing of General Hassan Shatri in my article “How where and when was the Iranian General killed?”published February 15 2013. Assessment:                                                Though the information platform is known to be generally reliable, the information has no confirmation from other sources. Different…

Intelligence Bulletin March 12, 2013 Clashes in Ain al-Hilweh, a Palestinian Refugee Camp in South Lebanon

******* Intelligence Bulletin March 12, 2013 Information Date: March 12, 2013 Event Date: March 11, 2013 Information Item: Clashes in Ain al-Hilweh, a Palestinian Refugee Camp in South Lebanon. Information Details: According to my sources clashes broke out during the night of March 11 and continued into the next day in a neighborhood called Ras al-Ahmar in the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp. Reportedly, the clashes were a result of an attempted assassination of a senior leader of the Sunni Jihadist militant group known as Fatah al-Islam. The clashes resulted in a few injuries. Source: Media Platform, Neutral Sources, Others Source Reliability: Reliable Information Validity: Valid Relevant information: One person injured in the clashes – the apparent target of the assassination attempt – is identified as…

Intelligence Bulletin – Are Egyptian officers being held hostage in the Gaza Strip?

******* Intelligence Bulletin   Item:                                       Egyptian officers being held hostage in the Gaza Strip? Information Date:             8/3/2013 Information:                         The wife of an Egyptian officer who was kidnapped in the Sinai Peninsula said she was advised by the President of Egypt to “be patient.”  She says that her husband, who was kidnapped together with some of his colleagues, are being held hostage in the Gaza Strip by a Jihadist Palestinian group named Jeish Al-Islam that wants to trade the kidnapped men for one of the group’s activists who is currently imprisoned in Egypt. Source:                                  Media Source Reliability:            Evaluated as reliable Information Validity:      Likely to be valid Relevant information:     Similar information provided by a single source in November 2012 indicated that 3 or 4 Egyptian police officers…

Intelligence Bulletin – A new armed Militia formed in South Lebanon

March 4, 2013 ******* Intelligence Bulletin March 4, 2013 Information Item: A new armed Militia formed in South Lebanon Information Date: March 4. 2013 Information Details: A new militia has been formed in South Lebanon aimed to “Free the Shaba’h Farms occupied by Israel.” The Militia consists of dozens of militants who have been trained over the past few months north of the Litani River in Lebanon. Source: Media Platform Source Reliability: Unknown Information validity: Unknown Relevant information: Shaba’ah farms is a small complex of deserted agricultural farms scattered over a small area on the northwest slopes of Mt. Dov, in the region of Mt. Hermon in the triangle border region of Israel-Syria-Lebanon. Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite organization, argues that…

Did Assad’s Mother Die?

Intelligence Bulletin Did Assad’s Mother die? Information date: 2/18/2013 Information: Assad’s mother Amina Mahluf dies in Belhoul Specialty hospital in Dubai. Source: Neutral information platform Source reliability: Unknown Information validity: Unconfirmed Relevant information: According to different sources, Assad’s mother moved to the Gulf area few months ago. Her exact whereabouts are not clear. This information evaluated as reliable. Assad’s mother is member of the powerful Mahluf Alawite family. A teacher by profession, Amina Mahluf is often described as the “Iron lady” who rules her family with an iron fist. Reportedly, she had significant influence on almost all state matters in Syria. If the information regarding Amina Mahluf’s death is accurate, it could be meaningful for two major reasons; one, reportedly…


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