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The Israel-Gaza War | My Message to Western Leaders

This message follows a series of seven videos in which I outlined the events leading up to the escalation between Israel and the Islamist groups in Gaza – namely Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine Here is a link to Part 1 of that 7 part series https://youtu.be/JEOgB771Pq8 If you would like to understand some of the concepts I discuss…

A Third Intifada on the Rise?

Alma’s Ibrahim Abu Ahmad and intelligence analyst and Avi Melamed, founder of Inside The Middle East Intelligence Perspectives (ITME) discuss the developments in Sheikh Jarrah, Al Aqsa Mosque, Gaza, and the violence between Jews and Arab inside Israel. Are we on the way to a Third Intifada?!  

Understanding The Current Escalation | Israel-Gaza War | Part 4 of 7 (Video)

In this seven-part series, I will outline the events leading up to the current escalation between Israel and the Gaza Strip.   To Watch PART 5 https://youtu.be/FkIBx1PTAuM Or go to my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/AviMelamed

Special Briefing | The Crisis in Yemen | March 9, 2021

The war in Yemen is escalating and intensifying, creating a growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen, and fueling increasing instability in the region. This Video Briefing contextualizes the war in Yemen and outlines what can be done to stabilize Yemen and the region.  

The Pope’s Visit To Iraq | March 5 – 8, 2021

Iraq’s core struggle today is between Nationalist Iraqi Shi’ites and Non-Nationalist Iraqi Shi’ites. In that regard, why is the Pope’s visit to Iraq significant?   Some Background Info & Links On Sunnis & Shi’ites https://www.avimelamed.com/2018/08/06/sunni-shiite-power-struggle/   What Is The Mullah Regime? On April 1, 1979, Iranians approved a new constitution creating a theocratic republic. And Iran’s official name became the…

Connecting the Dots | Special Briefing March 1, 2021

Special Briefing | March 1, 2021 Connecting the Dots | The Alliance of Moderation & Iranian Attack, US Attack Houthi Attack On Thursday, February 25th there was an explosion on an Israeli-owned commercial ship in the Gulf of Oman. Later that night – in the early hours of February 26th, United States forces attacked the Iman Ali Compound in eastern…

Contextualizing US Attack on Imam Ali Compound Syria (Feb 26, 2021)

30 Days into the Biden Administration | His Middle East Policy | Perspectives From The Region

One month into his term, what are people in the Middle East thinking about President Biden’s Middle East Policy?  

حجز رحلتك لاسرائيل مع الخبير االاسرائيلي لشوون الشرق الاوسط افي ميلاميد

  مرحبا اتشرف بلقاءكم ومرافقتكم خلال زيارتكم لاسرائيل معا سنقوم برحلة على اعلى وافحم المستوى لنتعرف على المجتمع الاسرائيلي الملون ومتعدد الوجوه سنتجول باذن لله بانحاء البلد ونتبادل الاراء ونبحث الاحداث في الشرق الاوسط وتاثيرها على شعوب المنطقة اننا بانتظاركم اهلا وسهلا www.avimelamed.com avi@avimelamed.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_mzmJRYHMyMpYPGPYONrOw/

הצטרפו אלי למסע מרתק של ג’אופולטיקה במזרח התיכון – בעברית | מבט עדכני ומרתק על המזה”ת

  לכבוד יהיה לי לחלוק עמכם את התובנות והידע המקצועי הרב והעדכני שלי בנושא המזה”ת מאחורי קריירה ארוכה בתחום המשלבת שנים של שטח, ניתוח, יעוץ בגיבוש מדיניות וחינוך אני גאה להציג רקורד ארוך ומוכח של ניתוחים ותחזיות מדוייקים מאוד במאמרים וספרים שונים שפרסמתי בנושא המזה”ת, ובמסגרת תדריכים עדכניים שאני מקיים בפורומים מגוונים בעולם ובכלל זה לגורמי ממשל, אקדמיה, תקשורת זרה,…

Iran’s Deteriorating Deterrence & Teheran’s Possible Reactions

  Recent events throughout the region – including the killing of an Iranian General and a Senior Hezbollah militant outside of Damascus earlier this week – erode Iran’s deterrent posture. In this filmed webinar, I give an overview of Iran’s regional goals, the current challenge it is facing in achieving its ambitions. And I outline a possible – even counterintuitive…

Avi Melamed | Join Me as We Go Inside The Middle East

Shalom. My name is Avi Melamed. I am an Author, Educator, Lecturer, and Strategic Intelligence Analyst. My expertise is Current Events in the Middle East, the Arab & Muslim World, and their Impact on the Region & Israel. I provide Geopolitical Briefings, Intelligence Tours, & Personal Encounters in Israel and I Lecture & Teach abroad. I look forward to being…

ZOOM IN | ZOOM OUT ~ Shalom From Jerusalem!

Shalom from Jerusalem. I hope you and your families are healthy and well in these uncertain and challenging times. If you, your organization, your firm, etc. are interested in taking this opportunity to deepen your knowledge about the current events in the Middle East, please contact me at Avi@AviMelamed.com. In the meantime, be healthy & stay safe. All my best,…

Recording of May 13th 2018 Teleconference Briefing ~ Unfolding Events in the Region

On Sunday, May 13, 2018 I held a Conference Call Briefing. On the call I provided up to date information and analysis regarding unfolding events in the region including: The US withdrawal from the JCPOA The unfolding events in Syria & on Israel’s northern border The upcoming US Embassy move The March of Return in Gaza Below is a link…


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