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The Civil War in Libya: A Flammable Struggle for Wealth & Hegemony

Background Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa. It has the largest oil reserves in Africa, and it has the ninth-largest oil reserves on the planet. The country spans over 700,000 square miles and has a population of 6.8 million people. It is a tribal and conservative society. It is comprised of two major ethnic groups – Arabs and…

Avi Melamed US Lecture Tour Spring 2014

A New Middle East Requires a New Understanding. Events of an historic scale are rocking the Middle East. I have spent many years of my life in the streets of the Arab world.  I have watched the Arab Awakening evolve and erupt from the inside. The Middle East in changing before our very eyes, the landscape is shifting and changing every day, and can drastically change any minute now. My upcoming US lecture tour will help you understand the present and navigate the future. Egypt, the biggest and most important Arab State, is embroiled a fierce battle over its identity. Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen are disintegrating in a bloody and violent process. Lebanon, once known as the Paris…

Where is Egypt Heading?

July 14, 2013 by Avi Melamed In November 2011 I published an article entitled “The Arab Awakening: An Era of New Slogans” in which I focused on the Muslim Brotherhood movement (MB) in Egypt and the challenges it was facing now that Mubarak was gone and that their entry as a major player on the Egyptian political stage looked certain. In that article I wrote about the fact that during the political campaign, the MB political party eschewed the slogan used by the MB since their inception – “Islam is the solution” and replaced it with “We Will Do for Egypt’s Welfare.” I explained that the rationale behind that decision was that the movement understood that its historical slogan had…

Just Back From Nigeria

Avi Melamed in Office of DIA Commander Avi Melamed just returned from Abuja, Nigeria. Avi was invited by the Nigeria Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA)*.to a National Security Conference to speak about the Middle East from an Intelligence and Geostrategic Perspective. The sponsors of the Conference, the Center for Strategic Studies* in Nigeria held the program at the DIA Academy. For two full days – March 7 and 8, Avi briefed the top Intelligence, Governmental and Military officials in Nigeria on the current challenges and developments in the Middle East and the short term and long terms ramifications of the current events. The Conference’s goal was to expand the Nigerian security, military and government leaders’ understanding of current security issues; to…

Egypt’s New Foreign Policy

July 30, 2012 February 3, 2012 Avi publishes an article Is the Israel Egypt Peace Treaty in Jeopardy?  in which he accurately foresees the foreign policy of Egypt’s new rule. Here is an excerpt from the article: “… the current Saudi-Egyptian alliance is crucial for Egypt…and Egypt is keenly aware of its dependence on Saudi support…the Saudis expect Egypt to restore their sovereignty in the Sinai Peninsula – the sooner the better – and to avoid events that could endanger the Saudi’s interests  …Egypt’s dependence on the support of the international community, and mostly the US, is deepening  …some African states are demanding that the agreement concerning the split of the water from Nile River be revised in a way…

The Gaza Jungle: Hamas is Under Stress and Other Predators Smell It

April 16, 2011 by Avi Melamed According to reports, a senior Hamas terror militant was killed in a military attack that took place a couple of days ago in Sudan.  The Sudanese Government blames the attack on Israel. Sources say that the person who was killed was Abd al Latif Alashkar “The Blonde” a senior leader within Hamas’ weapon smuggling system.  “The Blonde” is the translation of “Alashkar,” yet this specific person, in his early 30’s, was totally not blonde (Alashkar, according to some information, replaced Mahmud Almabhuh, a senior Hamas leader that was killed in Dubai in January 2011.  According to reports, Almanbhuh was killed by Israeli Mossad agents).  Hamas denies reports of Alashkar’s death and claims that he is…


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