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Connecting the Dots | Special Briefing March 1, 2021

Special Briefing | March 1, 2021 Connecting the Dots | The Alliance of Moderation & Iranian Attack, US Attack Houthi Attack On Thursday, February 25th there was an explosion on an Israeli-owned commercial ship in the Gulf of Oman. Later that night – in the early hours of February 26th, United States forces attacked the Iman Ali Compound in eastern…

Glimpses of the new Biden administration’s policy in the Middle East

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Contextualizing US Attack on Imam Ali Compound Syria (Feb 26, 2021)

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30 Days into the Biden Administration | His Middle East Policy | Perspectives From The Region

One month into his term, what are people in the Middle East thinking about President Biden’s Middle East Policy?   Facebook Comments #wpdevar_comment_6 span,#wpdevar_comment_6 iframe{width:100% !important;}

Iran & Al Qaeda

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Interview With Avi Melamed on Upcoming Palestinian Elections

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Palestinian Elections | My Interview on Kan

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced parliamentary and presidential elections- the first in 15 years-will take place later this year. Legislative elections on May 22 and a presidential vote on July 31. The Palestinians’ last parliamentary ballot in 2006 resulted in a surprise win by Hamas, widening an internal political rift that led to the group’s seizure of the Gaza Strip…

Would You Like To Understand The News…Better?

My years of Intelligence positions throughout the Middle East have afforded me a unique understanding of the region. I would love to help you, your friends, colleagues, organization, firm, institution, etc. have a better understanding of this important and fascinating region!   If this interests you, contact me today to book your LIVE & INTERACTIVE online briefing at Avi@AviMelamed.com 1-202-239-8879…

حجز رحلتك لاسرائيل مع الخبير االاسرائيلي لشوون الشرق الاوسط افي ميلاميد

  مرحبا اتشرف بلقاءكم ومرافقتكم خلال زيارتكم لاسرائيل معا سنقوم برحلة على اعلى وافحم المستوى لنتعرف على المجتمع الاسرائيلي الملون ومتعدد الوجوه سنتجول باذن لله بانحاء البلد ونتبادل الاراء ونبحث الاحداث في الشرق الاوسط وتاثيرها على شعوب المنطقة اننا بانتظاركم اهلا وسهلا www.avimelamed.com avi@avimelamed.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_mzmJRYHMyMpYPGPYONrOw/ Facebook Comments #wpdevar_comment_11 span,#wpdevar_comment_11 iframe{width:100% !important;}

הצטרפו אלי למסע מרתק של ג’אופולטיקה במזרח התיכון – בעברית | מבט עדכני ומרתק על המזה”ת

  לכבוד יהיה לי לחלוק עמכם את התובנות והידע המקצועי הרב והעדכני שלי בנושא המזה”ת מאחורי קריירה ארוכה בתחום המשלבת שנים של שטח, ניתוח, יעוץ בגיבוש מדיניות וחינוך אני גאה להציג רקורד ארוך ומוכח של ניתוחים ותחזיות מדוייקים מאוד במאמרים וספרים שונים שפרסמתי בנושא המזה”ת, ובמסגרת תדריכים עדכניים שאני מקיים בפורומים מגוונים בעולם ובכלל זה לגורמי ממשל, אקדמיה, תקשורת זרה,…

The Elimination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist & The Deterrence Equilibrium In The Middle East

Information On Friday, November 27, 2020, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a brigadier general in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s top nuclear scientist, and the head of Iran’s secret military nuclear program, was eliminated in Iran. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu specifically named Mr. Fakhrizadeh in a briefing he held in April 2018 when Netanyahu unveiled the Iranian nuclear archives the Israeli…

Shana Tova سنة جديدة سعيدة שנה טובה

Shana Tova سنة جديدة سعيدة שנה טובה שלום לכולם ההתמודדות עם אתגר הקורונה, האירועים הדינמיים, לעיתם הדרמטיים במרחב שלנו וגם פה אצלנו בבית יוצרים אפקט מצטבר של תחושת “זכינו לחיות בתקופה שתירשם בדברי הימים של ההיסטוריה האנושית כרבת חשיבות“. שנה עברית חדשה ממתינה ממש מעבר לפינה ונדמה שהברכות המסורתיות שלנו לראש השנה מקבלות משנה משמעות ועוצמה. בפרוס עלינו שנה עברית…


Since the announcement of the Peace Agreement between the UAE and Israel has been announced,, the term “normalization” has been widely used in the Western press. In this video, I will discuss the term “normalization.” A new word in the Western press, but a term used for decades in the Arab and Muslim world. This explanation is part of a…

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon Final Verdict | The End or A Beginning?

On March 1, 2009, a select body called the STL – the Special Tribunal for Lebanon was established. Its mission was to investigate the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, who – along with twenty-two other people – was killed on February 14, 2005. The STL, headquartered near The Hague with an office in Beirut, was established by…


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