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Avi Melamed.

Middle East Strategic
Intelligence Analyst.

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Avi Melamed

Middle East Strategic Intelligence Analyst – 

A New Middle East Requires a New Understanding


Avi Melamed who serves as the Salisbury Fellow of Intelligence and Middle East Affairs for the Eisenhower Institute with offices at Gettysburg College and in Washington, DC, is an expert on the Current Affairs in the Arab and Muslim World Arab and their impact on Israel and the Middle East.

He is a former Israeli Intelligence Official and Senior Official on Arab Affairs. In his decades of public service, Avi – an Israeli Jew who is fluent in Arabic, English and Hebrew, with a unique understanding of Arab society and culture – has held high-risk Government, Senior Advisory, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorist intelligence positions in Arab cities and communities throughout the region – often in very sensitive times – on behalf of the Israeli government agencies.

His expertise includes: The Arab Awakening and Regional Ramifications; Arab perspectives on Israel; Current Affairs in the Arab World – and their Impact on Israel; Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in the Middle East; Evolving Forces in the Region; the Gaza Strip; the Geostrategic Environment of the Middle East; the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; Jerusalem; Roots and Ideology of Radical Islam; Terrorism; the War in Syria; the West Bank; and In Through the Chimney – A New Approach to Countering BDS

As an Author, Educator, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, Avi Melamed educates current and future leaders around the world about Israel and the Middle East and trains them to be Media Literate Critical Thinkers who dialogue with reality and don’t get sidetracked by concepts, narratives and theories.

Avi’s newest book, Inside the Middle East: Making Sense of the Most Dangerous and Complicated Region on Earth, a GPS to help you navigate the dramatically changing Middle East offers a unique insight into the Arab world, challenges widely-accepted perceptions and provides a gripping and uniquely enlightening guide to make sense of the events unfolding in the region. In it he also offers an out of the box idea that could lead to a positive breakthrough in the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

As the Salisbury Fellow of Intelligence and Middle East Affairs for the Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College, among other responsibilities, he spearheads the “Inside the Middle East – Intelligence Perspectives” program for college students designed to ensure that the next generation to be in positions of influence will be more knowledgeable about Israel and the Middle East and will apply methods of critical thinking regarding Middle East Affairs.

Avi provides intelligence analysis, briefings and tours to diplomats, Israeli and foreign policy makers, international media outlets and a wide variety of organizations and private clients on a range of Israel and Middle East affairs.

In the private sector Avi facilitates relationships between Israeli and international firms and potential partners in the Arab world.

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He is also the founder and creator of Feenjan – Israel speaks Arabic, a non-profit initiative which presents contemporary Israeli society and culture to the Arab world in Arabic, and serves as an online platform for Israelis and Arabs to discover and discuss issues of common interest.

Through all of his efforts, as an analyst, educator, entrepreneur, and writer, Avi is a bridge builder.  He dedicates himself to enhancing the Arabic, English and Hebrew speaking audience’s comprehensive understanding of the Middle East and of each other.

Avi has his finger on the pulse on the Arab world. With a proven record of foreseeing the evolution of events in the Middle East and their impact on a local and regional level, he is one of the most well-rounded and insightful analysts in his field.

His website is www.avimelamed.com and he can be reached at +972-505-409-905 or avi@avimelamed.com

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American Israel Joint Distribution Committee; American Jewish Committee; American University; Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs; Foreign Diplomats and Embassies; Galilee Institute; Georgetown University; Gettysburg College; Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation; Herzeliya Interdisciplinary Center; International School Hong Kong; Israel & Co.; Israel Border Police Senior Command; Israel Embassy; Israel Defense Forces; Israel Ministry of Defense; Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Israel Police; Israel Prison Authority; Israeli Colleges: Jewish Agency For Israel; Jewish Community Relations Council; Jerusalem Foundation; Jewish National Fund; Hillel; Katedra – Network of Israeli Colleges; Keren Hayesod; The Lawrenceville School; Machon Avshalom; Limmud; MASA; Onward Israel; Peres Center for Peace; The Israel Project; Tufts University; University of California; the United States Army; World Presidents Organization, etc.

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