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Is War in the Middle East Inevitable?

February 25, 2012 by Avi Melamed The Iranian nuclear military program and the possibility of a massive military collision in the Middle East are clearly occupying the world’s attention. These concerns are not groundless.  However, is military confrontation inevitable? In this article, I would like to bring your attention to the fact that at this specific moment, due to the…

The Eastern Mediterranean: The Civil War in Libya & Turkish-Egyptian Tensions Deepen

An update to my article on Zoom-In on the Middle East | December 15, 2019, In this short article, I would like to focus on Turkey’s involvement in the war in Libya. The Civil War in Libya began in 2011 following the ousting of Libyan Dictator, Muammar al-Gaddafi, in October of that year. Since then, various Libyan factors have been…

Part 3 | Alarms on Lebanese-Israeli Border: Preemptive Actions to Prevent a Wide-Scale War in The Middle East

In Part 1 of my three-part analysis, “Alarms on the Lebanese – Israel Border might be Last Wake-up Call for Western Leaders” (September 11, 2019), I explained and contextualized the events of September 1, 2019, on the Israeli Lebanese border. In Part 2,  “Alarms on the Lebanese – Israeli Border (Part 2) Iran’s Hegemonic Modus Operandi” (September 13, 2019) I…


From Beirut to Warsaw

The General Elections in Lebanon took place in May 2018. Since the elections, Iran has ordered The Lebanese Shi’ite Proxy, Hezbollah – a member of the Lebanese Parliament (with 13 Seats) – to veto the formation of the government. Iran recently gave Hezbollah the green light to approve the formation of a government. On the one hand, this indicates that…

The War In Yemen - It's About Iran

The War in Yemen – It’s About Iran

What is the war in Yemen about? Why is it so important? Why is it relevant to the United States? The Saudi’s must curb the Iranian aggressive expansion throughout the Middle East – because what happens in the Middle East does not stay in the Middle East.  

Kites, Flames and Soccer: High Potential for an Israeli-Palestinian Massive Collision in Gaza

Kites, Flames, Soccer – War in Gaza Around the Corner?

Information: The Palestinian Great March of Return Campaign, which was launched at the end of March 2018, has primarily taken place in the Gaza Strip near the Israeli-Gaza border. From the onset of the Campaign, in addition to attempts to storm the Israeli-Gaza border fence, Palestinians from the Gaza Strip attached Molotov cocktails, containers of burning fuel, explosive devices, etc.…

Avi on I24 News May 10, 2018 – Is War With Iran Looming?

JCPOA Pushed Middle East Closer to War: Will Western Leaders Choose the Right Path to Reverse The Tide?

Article’s major points: Developments and events in the Middle East following the signing of JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action / The Iran Deal / The Iran Nuclear Deal) in July 2015, clearly indicate that the JCPOA fuels Iran’s aggressive expansion policy, and as a result, has pushed the Middle East closer to a massive regional war. The JCPOA should…


UN & European Leaders say abolishing JCPOA will cause war ~ will they ever realize that the JCPOA pushed the Middle East closer to war?

The UN Secretary General & European leaders say that abolishing the JCPOA will cause a war. Will they ever realize that the JCPOA pushed the Middle East CLOSER to a regional war?    Read my predictions since 2012:   2012 – Is War in the Middle East Inevitable?   2015 – Pax Amer-Iran   2017 – A Growing Whirlpool of Violence:…

Palestinian Campaign – The March of Return: Towards a Burst of Major Israeli – Palestinian Violence?

Inside the Middle East – Intelligence Perspectives Immediate Intelligence Bulletin Palestinian Campaign – The March of Return: Towards a Burst of Major Israeli – Palestinian Violence?   March 29, 2018   The Palestinians have announced the launching of a The March of Return campaign, consisting of a series of protests and demonstrations centered in the Gaza Strip, and also planned…

The War in Syria – A Mutual Chokehold

May 7, 2014   The War in Syria – A Mutual Chokehold By Avi Melamed Pay attention to the Syrian town of Tfail. Tfail is a Lebanese enclave located in the Al-Kalmun mountain range in Syria about a mile away from the Lebanese border. It is a town of about 5,000 people – all Lebanese citizens (though the town is located inside Syria) – the majority of whom are Sunnis. Reportedly, following the recent battles in the region, dozens of thousands of Syrians fleeing the war in Syria found refuge on the outskirts of Tfail. Hezbollah argues that these refugees are not civilians, but rather Syrian rebels who fled following the recent fighting in the area of the Al-Kalmun. Reportedly,…

Did Assad’s Army Launch a Chemical Warhead on a Syrian town?

******* Immediate Intelligence Bulletin Information Date: March 19, 2013 Information Item: Did Assad’s Army launch a chemical warhead on Syrian town? Event Date: March 19, 2013 Information Details: A Free Syrian Army official argues that Assad’s army launched a long range missile armed with a chemical warhead on the Syrian city of Han Ala’sal, located in the outskirts of Aleppo in northern Syria. Information Platform: Arab Media Source: Free Syrian Army Source reliability: Unknown Information Validity: Unknown Relevant Information: Earlier today, Syrian national TV reported that Syrian rebels fired a chemical warhead on the town of Han Ala’sal killing 15 people and injuring dozens. That report was not confirmed. It should be noted that in the beginning of December 2012, a Free Syrian…

The War in Syria Rages on Over 30,000 are Dead and the World Sits

October 4, 2012 March 21, 2011 Avi writes an article Syria: The Wall of Fear is cracking in which he discusses the ramifications of the uprising in Syria. “…Syria is neither Egypt nor Tunisia…that regime will not hesitate to oppress the uprising by all means possible…the events in Syria will have an enormous impact on Israel in the short term as well as the long term.  The turbulence in Syria will directly impact the whole structure of Iran-Syria- Hezbollah–Hamas, the radical Axis that challenges Israel.   At this point there is one major question that must be asked:  What will the position of the international community be in a situation where events in Syria quickly deteriorate into a bloody massacre in…

Sr. Hamas Leaders Declare Hamas will take no part in a war between Israel and Iran

March 1, 2012 Avi publishes an article Is war in the Middle east Inevitable? in which he discusses the impact of the events in Syria on the radical militant Axis of Resistance. “…The Axis of Resistance is one of Iran’s major assets.  This massive military capability is a major card the Iranian regime plays when it comes to its nuclear military program.  In its talks with the West and the International Community, the regime makes the following crystal clear: if its’ vital interests are jeopardized, Iran has the ability to create an immediate, massive eruption in the region by ordering Hezbollah and Hamas to use their arsenals to attack Israel. What is critical for the West to understand is that there…


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