Iran’s Deteriorating Deterrence & Teheran’s Possible Reactions

Avi Melamed ~ Inside The Middle East
Voiced by Amazon Polly


Recent events throughout the region – including the killing of an Iranian General and a Senior Hezbollah militant outside of Damascus earlier this week – erode Iran’s deterrent posture. In this filmed webinar, I give an overview of Iran’s regional goals, the current challenge it is facing in achieving its ambitions. And I outline a possible – even counterintuitive – path Teheran could pursue in order to impose its will and ensure it continues to further its interests in the region.

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* Please Note: I use a term in this video – the Mullah Regime – that you may not be familiar with, so let me explain. Iran is an Islamic Theocracy. Therefore, though there is a parliament and a President, the Mullahs hold the power. A Mullah is a Shi’ite clerical rank (similar to ranks in the Church or in an army). The highest rank in the is the Ayatollah Uzma (The Grand Ayatollah). The highest spiritual center of the Shi’ite’s is located in Najaf and Karbala – cities in southern Iraq. Other major spiritual and theological centers of the Shi’a are in the cities of Qom and Mashhad in Iran. The Iraqi and Iranian Shi’ite theological centers have generated different, sometimes opposing theological outlooks, resulting in a long history of rivalry over influence and prestige.


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