Contextualizing Israel’s Nation State Law ~ New ADDITION to my Fall Lecture Tour

Between Annexation & Sovereignty: The Reality & Ramifications on the Geopolitics of the Middle East

Given recent developments, I have decided to add a new lecture to my upcoming lecture tour to the US ~ November 5 to December 9, 2018. entitled: Identity of Paradoxes: Contextualizing Israel’s Nation State Law.

In July 2018, the Israeli Knesset passed the ‘Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People.’ The bill has generated an impassioned discussion within Israeli society, within and among Jewish communities around the world, and has been met with a wide variety of reactions in international circles. At its core, the Bill of Nations centers around identity. This lecture presents the major – sometime paradoxical – facets of Israeli identity today and offers observations which are also relevant to the current political and intellectual discussions in the West. This objective, unbiased, apolitical, and thought-provoking presentation, provides the wide context essential for a more constructive and productive conversation regarding identity.

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