The Middle East 2019: At The Watershed ~ North American Lecture Tour November 5 – December 9, 2018

Avi Melamed Fall 2018 Lecture Tour The Middle East 2019: At The Watershed


Middle East 2019 ~ Approaching A Watershed **NEW**

Since the Iranian Mullah regime seized power in Iran in 1979, their goal has been to become the regional superpower. Over the last decade, Iran has increased its attempt to establish its crescent of influence, described by King Abdullah II of Jordanian as “The Shiite Crescent.” The Iranian regime has stated that their policy to build and control a land corridor stretching from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea is “vital for Iran’s strategic interest and national security.” Due to regional and global events, Iran’s Corridor – which would ensure constant instability and increased bloodshed – was a foregone conclusion.  And that development, as the King of Jordan warned – is very bad news for the region. And I will add – especially Israel.  However, as we exit 2018 and enter 2019, regional and global developments may result in a change of course and the process of Iranian expansion  – once thought seemingly inevitable – might actually be curtailed.

What generates this change? Who are the major players in this unfolding, dynamic, and pivotal episode and what do they want? Can we “rest easy”? And if so – for how long? How would preventing this corridor impact the rapidly changing political map of the Middle East? How would the reduction in Iranian power impact Israel’s geopolitical horizons?


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