Game of Pawns: The Middle East 2017 – Avi Melamed North American Fall Lecture Tour




Game of Pawns ~ The Middle East 2017


A smoking volcano erupted into the Arab Awakening – and the aftershocks, including the War in Syria, the widening Sunni-Shi’ite rift, and the escalating Arab-Persian power struggle have brought about a tectonic plate movement that is shaping a new Middle East.

My newest lecture, and the theme of my 2017 North American Lecture Tour – The Middle East 2017 ~ Game of Pawns, will take you beyond the headlines and on a complex and fascinating journey deep into the heart and minds of the Big Players and their Proxies and Pawns.

Who are the major players? Who serves them? How do the proxies and pawns impact the reality of millions of people? Who really benefits from the existence of ISIS? How do factors like the Lebanese Shi’ite Hezbollah, the Palestinian Sunni Hamas, and Iraqi Shi’ite Militias view their role and place in the new Middle East?

In the Middle East nothing exists in a vacuum – everything is connected, like links in a chain. The Game of Pawns gives you the map to follow the links and the lenses to see the multidimensional, multi-faceted reality of the Middle East today.


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