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Video Briefing: Iran Sends a Message in the Indian Ocean

Yemen Map

In this video Avi Melamed analyzes Iran’s attack on Saudi Arabian ships in the Indian Ocean


2 responses to “Video Briefing: Iran Sends a Message in the Indian Ocean

  1. thank you avi ….insightful analysis as always….is iran challenging trump by launching
    a mid range rocket? and how will he respond?….also if tillerson is confirmed by
    senate how will his close ties with Russia effect the peace talks re: Syria?

    1. Dear Mitch – Thank you for your loyalty and for your question. As you can imagine, it is very difficult for me to answer everyone who sends me questions on the variety of issues I try to address. I do however, deeply value and respect my readers and followers and want to be responsive to everyone…Therefore I am going to launch a new initiative this spring of Q & A video sessions where anyone can call in and ask questions. Information to follow….Thank you again and I hope you understand….Avi

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