A Senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard was Killed in Syria – Intelligence Bulletin


Intelligence Bulletin

Information Date:      June 9 2013

Event Date:      End of May 2013

Information Item:      A Senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard was Killed in Syria

Information Platform:      Various

Source:      Various

Source Reliability:      Unknown

Information Validity:      Unknown

Relevant Information:      An Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) Senior Officer named Amir Rida Ali Zadeh was killed at the end of May during fighting in the area of Damascus. His death was kept a secret. No further information regarding this person was disclosed.

Assessment:      The information is not verified by other sources and the source’s reliability is unknown. Accumulating reports indicate that Iranian Revolutionary Guards are engaged in combat in Syria, mostly in the area of Damascus, Homs, Al-Qusayr and Aleppo. Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers and specialists – mostly in the field of intelligence and communication – also provide Assad’s troops with ongoing support. For more about that read my Intelligence Bulletin – Iranian Soldiers Carry Passports to Heaven. It should be mentioned that in February 2013, General Hassan Shatri, the IRG’s key person in Lebanon and Syria, was killed – for more on that read How, when and where was the Iranian General Killed ?


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