Iranian Soldiers Carry Passports to Heaven – Intelligence Bulletin


Intelligence Bulletin

Information Date:              April 14, 2013

Event Date:                             Recent – Specific Date Unknown                     

Information Item:              Iranian Soldiers in Syria carry “Passports to Heaven”      

Information Platform:      Arab Media, Visual

Source:                                   Ahrar Al Sham Group (Syria)

Source Reliability:              Unknown

Relevant Information:      Reportedly, a “Passport to Heaven” was found in the possession of an Iranian soldier in a recent raid conducted by the rebel group, Ahrar Al Sham Al Islamiya, on the base of the 17th Brigade of Assad‘s army in the city of Rakka.

Accumulating reports indicate that members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been sent to Syria to support the Assad regime in the war in Syria.

It should be mentioned that during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) the Iranian regime provided its soldiers – including young teenagers – with “Keys to Heaven”.

The Ahrar al Sham al Islamiya group is one of the rebel groups fighting Assad’s regime in Syria. Accumulating reports suggest that the group is an umbrella organization for a number of local Jihadist-affiliated groups involved in the war in Syria including: Jama’at al-Taliaa’h al Islamiya (Adlib), Kataeb al-Iman al-Muqatila (Damascus), and Harakat al-Fajir al-Islamiya (Aleppo). Unconfirmed information indicates that Ahrar al Sham al Islamiya recently merged with another umbrella organization for Islamic affiliated groups – Al-Jabha al Islamiya al-Suriya. All of these groups are affiliated with the Salafi and/or Jihadist movement.

A separate rebel group known as Jabhat al-Nusrah is identified with Al-Qaida.

Assessment:                          Information is evaluated as Reliable


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