Did Israelis Kill Leader of Iranian Revolutionary Guards?

Intelligence Bulletin March 16 2013

Information Date:                                    March 16 2013

Information Item:                                    Iranian General was killed by an Israeli Elite force in Beirut?

Information Details:                               The Iranian Revolutionary Guards General Hassan Shatri who reportedly was killed during Israeli air strike on the area of Damascus was in fact killed in Beirut by Israeli elite force.

Information Platforme:                        Arab Media

Source:                                                          Unknown

nformation Platform Reliability:     The media platform is generally known as reliable

Information Validity:                             Unconfirmed

Relevant information:                           Read more about the killing of General Hassan Shatri in my article “How where and when was the Iranian General killed?”published February 15 2013.

Assessment:                                                Though the information platform is known to be generally reliable, the information has no confirmation from other sources. Different calculations support the evaluation that this information is likely to be inaccurate.

End of Intelligence Bulletin

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