Did Assad’s Mother Die?

Intelligence Bulletin
Did Assad’s Mother die?

Information date: 2/18/2013

Information: Assad’s mother Amina Mahluf dies in Belhoul Specialty hospital in Dubai.

Source: Neutral information platform

Source reliability: Unknown

Information validity: Unconfirmed

Relevant information: According to different sources, Assad’s mother moved to the Gulf area few months ago. Her exact whereabouts are not clear. This information evaluated as reliable.

Assad’s mother is member of the powerful Mahluf Alawite family. A teacher by profession, Amina Mahluf is often described as the “Iron lady” who rules her family with an iron fist. Reportedly, she had significant influence on almost all state matters in Syria.
If the information regarding Amina Mahluf’s death is accurate, it could be meaningful for two major reasons; one, reportedly she was a very significant person in Basshar Al Assad’s life and had a strong influence on him; two, in the last few months some Alawite families openly criticized Assad’s policy. The brutal war in Syria and the increasing number of Alawite soldiers and officers killed, caused increasing discontent among the Alawite families. Yet, the criticism on Assad was contained and restrained, perhaps also because of the presence of Assad’s mother who as I mentioned belonging to a powerful Alawite family. It will be interesting to watch if following Amina’s death, Alawite criticism of Assad will gain momentum.

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