Egypt’s Struggle for Consensus – Video Update

4 responses to “Egypt’s Struggle for Consensus – Video Update

  1. They are in fact struggling but what are you straggling for?? Who are u working for? And what is the benefit from your video message??

    1. I’m working for myself and I’m struggling to have meaningful and good life for me and my family. This is exactly what Arabs struggle for now – in Egypt, Syria Tunisia Jordanm etc. I want to share with you what Democracy is really all about. Democracy – unlike reigions -does not pretend to offer people redemption. Democracy does not offer people heaven or after life or golden shores in next life. All Democracy does is teach me to live my life here and now the best way possible – to strive to be a better person, a compassionate person, to live a meaningful and constructive life, to respect others, to be open minded to different opinions. I think that Arabs are now taking their first steps towards in adopting that concept. Arab minds have been washed and distorted for so long by their rulers and clergy and by society and religious norms and concepts. Now Arab rise and struggle and they struggle for a future, for a dignified future for them and for their children. It’s the right direction. Yet it is a long and challenging process that involves lots of conflicts and struggles. I’m working for my self – I’m an independent analyst. I’m not employed by any government or any institution. My video- as well as my articles- are all made by me for free no one pays me to do that.

  2. thank you avi. i’m sure the copts in egypt are feeling threatened and i wonder if the army is just biding it’s time until they intervene against the brotherhood -salafi axis.

    mitch in peterborough

    1. Mitch hi

      Good to hear from you.

      The army may step in as I said yet it is a step that the army will calculate very carefully before executing for a couple of reasons: the army is viewed in Egypt as beyond political controversy. Its power stems from the fact it is viewed by the Egytpians a unifying factor, a consensual one. The army’s behavior during the revolution won them lots of credit in Egyptian public opinion. The army knows that part of its authority is because it enjoys that image. They wil have to carefully act in a way that will not damage their image. Second, the army is very tuned to the messages from the West and mostly from the USA – it’s main provider. The army cannot risk an open confrontation with USA policy makers. Third – as much as it cynical – the army to some extent benefits from the current political tension because it portrays the army as the “responsibe adult” and thus empowers its authority.

      As for the MB-Salafi axis, well if you may recall in my briefing I was talking abut the fact that MB was trying to distance itself from the Salafis because of the Salafi tough line. In the current crisis obviously both factors share more common denominators as the approval of the constitution is the next issue on the table. BTW – the Salafi coalition experiences inner tension as well. Apparently there are today two major political and ideological streams formed within the Salafi coalition following the elections. One could be described as tough line and the other as very relatively more pragmatic; the Salafi simply experience what every ideological movement experiences once coming into power; sitting in the driver seat is totally diefferent from the back seat….

      Best Avi

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