Keeping an Eye on the Golan

As we all focus on the situation in the South, the war in Syria rages on, and the current and future impact for the Golan Heights and Israel’s security is still a critically important and evolving story.

Avi Melamed on the SyrianIsraeli border in the Golan Heights.

4 responses to “Keeping an Eye on the Golan

  1. syrian refugees could be a problem for israel, less so if they are druze or christians. is assad or the rebels better for israel? assad supports hezbollah and he is supported by iran but he is secular and kept the golan quiet. the rebels are an unknown quantity but dominated by muslim brotherhood with lots of jihadis. israel is caught between a rock and a hard place. i’m glad i was able to see the golan this year, especially gamla. thanks again for your talks in peterborough.

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