Pay Attention to the Battle over Al-Qusayr in Syria

October 25, 2012

by Avi Melamed

Accumulating reports indicate expanding Hezbollah military activity inside Syria – specifically west of the Syrian city of Al-Qusayr.

The Syrian city of Al-Qusayr is located in a strategic position – eight miles east of the Syrian-Lebanese “border” (an actual border line was never marked on the ground) and ten miles west of the major Syrian city Homs and the Homs-Damascus highway. Al-Qusayr is the gateway to Lebanon – roads connect Al-Qusayr and the northern part of the Lebanese valley.

The area surrounding Al-Qusayr is mostly rural – made up of small to mid-size towns and villages.  Farms are scattered along the sides of the Orontes River that runs from the northern Lebanese Valley into Syria.

The population of these communities is mixed – mostly Shiite, but there are also some Christian communities as well as Sunnis – all are Syrian citizens, though reportedly some 30,000 are of Lebanese origin and hold Lebanese identity cards as well.

Over the past few weeks fierce fighting is taking place in the area of Al-Qusayr.  It seems as if the fight is centered in three locations – the western outskirts of Al-Qusayr, the town of Rableh, and the town of Jusiyah which is located next to Highway 4 that connects the southern part of Al-Qusayr with the Lebanese town of Qaa.

Reportedly, Hezbollah has failed to accomplish its military mission and has sustained dozens of casualties.

The battle over the area of Al-Qusayr is significant – as significant as the fierce battle over the Syrian city of Homs.  Al-Qusayr is the gateway through which Hezbollah sends reinforcements to Assad.  If the Free Syrian Army takes over the Homs-Al-Qusayr corridor it will be a serious blow to Assad and Hezbollah because it will create a buffer zone between Hezbollah and Assad’s forces and will isolate the Alawite region in the northwestern part of Syria from the center of the country.

On October 13 I reported that Hezbollah had launched a Rocket Attack on the Syrian City Al-Qusayr from the Lebanese territory.

My report was confirmed in a formal announcement made by a spokesperson of the Free Syrian Army on October 17.

In previous articles I have discussed the likelihood of the formation of an armed Sunni front that would present a serious challenge to Hezbollah.

The battle over Al-Qusayr and Hezbollah’s rocket attack on the city indicates that as far as Hezbollah is concerned that scenario is becoming more and more threatening…

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