Saudi Arabian Daily Okaz Confirms my October 13 article Hezbollah Launched Rockets on Syrian City

October 18, 2012

by Avi Melamed

On Sunday, October 14 I wrote a short piece Hezbollah Launched Rocket Attack on Syrian City announcing that Hezbollah had launched a rocket attack from inside Lebanon targeting the Syrian city of Al-Qusayr.

Today (October 17, 2012) an official spokesperson of The Free Syrian Army confirmed my report stating that Hezbollah has launched massive rockets and mortar attacks from the Lebanese area of Hosh Ali on the outskirts of the Syrian city of Al Qusyir.

Here is a link to the article published in the Saudi Arabian daily newspaper Okaz

I have also taken the liberty of providing you with a “google translation” of the article:

Informed sources in the Syrian opposition’s Okaz that Hezbollah fighters are now fully in control of several villages in Syria, part of a project (the upper canton) in the coastal zone.

Sources showed that the villages Zayta, Haoak, bathroom, Safsafa, الفاضلية and orchards town Nizari predominantly Shi’ite are actually under the control of elements of the Lebanese who have set up a security barriers in coordination with the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Director of the Information Office of the opposition Syrian National Council in Istanbul Mohammed Alsermene considered in remarks for Okaz withdrawal of the army from these villages and delivered to Hezbollah openly proof predicament. He pointed out that the PKK fighters who were present on Syrian territory in a covert way to support Assad now turned to the vocal public support for the blood system after that weakened Chkute before strikes Free Syrian Army.

According Alsermene many of the villages around the city short in Homs exposed daily to attempts to storm by armed elements belonging to Hezbollah, after targeting pounding center from inside Lebanese territory; specifically from the area (Hosh Ali) Lebanese and controlled the party that had close ties to Iran, and receives military and financial support from them. Also targeting rocket launchers of Hezbollah stationed in bridging Syrian Zayta villages bombed missile never attempts to storm.

Furthermore, the newspaper (The Washington Post) States that Hezbollah turned into a key part of the killing machine used by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

She noted that the Lebanese party leaders are coordinating with Iran to send fighters for the survival of Assad.

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