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Shalom, my name is Avi Melamed.  I am a former Israeli Intelligence Official and Senior Official on Arab Affairs. I am an expert on the Current Affairs in the Arab and Muslim World Arab and their impact on Israel and the Middle East.

I am a Strategic Intelligence Analyst, writer, teacher and lecturer and currently serve as the the Salisbury Fellow of Intelligence and Middle East Affairs at the Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College, am the Founder and Director of Inside the Middle East: Intelligence Perspectives program, the author of Inside the Middle East: Making Sense of the Most Dangerous and Complicated Region on Earth.

I hope that through my articles, videos, Intelligence Briefings and on the ground Intelligence Tours, I can offer you additional insight and understanding into what is going on in the region, and the impact regionally and globally. I hope you will find my analysis and commentary thought-provoking and I hope we will have a chance to meet in person either in Israel or in your home town. All my best. Avi

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Taking the Kidnapper Hostage: Trump’s Pinpoint Punch on Iran 

Click Here To Download a PDF of this Intel Report   August 17, 2017 INTELLIGENCE REPORT Taking the Kidnapper Hostage: Trump’s Pinpoint Punch on Iran Information: On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, United States President, Donald J. Trump, held a joint Press Conference with Lebanese Prime Minister, Sa’ad Uddin Al Hariri. During that press conference, President Trump talked at length about…

Extended Intelligence Report – July 2017 Temple Mount Compound Crisis: Regional Perspectives

Click here for a PDF of this Intelligence Report    On July 16, 2017 I wrote an Intelligence Bulletin – The Attack on The Temple Mount Compound: Regional Reactions. This is an extended Intelligence Report on the issue.   *** Intelligence Report *** August 8, 2017  July 2017 Crisis over Temple Mt. Compound: Regional Perspectives   Information: On Friday July 14,…

What is Militant Sunni Islam?

Click Here For PDF of this post – “What Is Militant Sunni Islam?”   What is Militant Sunni Islam?   Contemporary Sunni militant Islam is rooted in the two main representatives of political Islam – the Muslim Brotherhood Movement and the ultra-conservative Salafi ideology. Since its early days, the Muslim Brotherhood had – in addition to its educational, social and…

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What is Political Islam?

Click Here For PDF of this post – “What Is Political Islam?” What is Political Islam?   The term “political Islam” refers to movements and parties in the Muslim world that have the following things in common: Their ultimate goal is to create a global Islamic cultural, political, and religious entity known as Khalafa / Caliphate in which no other…

PRAXIS – Practice Critical Thinking. Read Between the Lines. Apply Media Literacy. Exercise Interrogative Approach.

In my program Inside the Middle East: Intelligence Perspectives now going into its 5th year under the auspices of the Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College, I emphasize to my students the importance of Critical Thinking, Media Literacy, and an Interrogative Approach. Today I came across a perfect example to illustrate the importance of both of those skills in an article…

Avi Melamed on I24 News July 28 2017

Avi Melamed on I24 News with Calev Ben David discussing Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Palestinians, Jordan, etc. on The Rundown  

Al Hazimi Ideology: Radicalization of Extremism

Click Here to Download a PDF of this Bulletin   Intelligence Bulletin Al Hazimi Ideology: Radicalization of Extremism   July 23, 2017 Information: Major Arab information platforms, including Elaph and Al Arabiya, have just recently introduced a person named Ahmad Bin Omar Al Hazimi, a Saudi Salafi-Jihadi preacher advocating what is described as “a more extreme and brutal version of…

Game of Pawns: The Middle East 2017 – Avi Melamed North American Fall Lecture Tour

ANNOUNCING MY NEW LECTURE TOUR SEPTEMBER 27- NOVEMBER 25, 2017   Game of Pawns ~ The Middle East 2017   A smoking volcano erupted into the Arab Awakening – and the aftershocks, including the War in Syria, the widening Sunni-Shi’ite rift, and the escalating Arab-Persian power struggle have brought about a tectonic plate movement that is shaping a new Middle…

Terror Attack at the Temple Mount Compound: Regional Reactions

Immediate Intelligence Bulletin   July 16th, 2017 Terror attack at the Temple Mount Compound: Regional Reactions (** This is an immediate Bulletin. I will publish a more detailed Intelligence Report over the next few days **) Information: On Friday July 14, 2017, three Israeli-Arabs opened fire on Israeli Border Patrol Police securing the Temple Mount Compound in Jerusalem, called Al-Haram…

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