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A New Middle East Requires a New Understanding.

Shalom, my name is Avi Melamed.

I am a Strategic Intelligence Analyst, writer, teacher, and lecturer.  I am the Founder and CEO Inside the Middle East: Intelligence Perspectives ~ ITME, and the author of Inside the Middle East: Making Sense of the Most Dangerous and Complicated Region on Earth.

I am a former Israeli Intelligence Official and Senior Official on Arab Affairs. I am an expert on the Current Affairs in the Arab and Muslim World Arab and their impact on Israel and the Middle East.

I hope that through my articles, videos, Intelligence Briefings and on the ground Intelligence Tours, I can offer you additional insight and understanding into what is going on in the region, and the impact regionally and globally. I hope you will find my analysis and commentary thought-provoking and I hope we will have a chance to meet in person in Israel. All my best. Avi

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Shana Tova سنة جديدة سعيدة שנה טובה

Avi Melamed ~ Inside The Middle East Shana Tova سنة جديدة سعيدة שנה טובה שלום לכולם ההתמודדות עם אתגר הקורונה, האירועים הדינמיים, לעיתם הדרמטיים במרחב שלנו וגם פה אצלנו בבית יוצרים אפקט מצטבר של תחושת “זכינו לחיות בתקופה שתירשם בדברי הימים של ההיסטוריה האנושית כרבת חשיבות“. שנה עברית חדשה ממתינה ממש מעבר לפינה ונדמה שהברכות המסורתיות שלנו לראש השנה מקבלות…


Avi Melamed ~ Inside The Middle East Since the announcement of the Peace Agreement between the UAE and Israel has been announced,, the term “normalization” has been widely used in the Western press. In this video, I will discuss the term “normalization.” A new word in the Western press, but a term used for decades in the Arab and Muslim…

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon Final Verdict | The End or A Beginning?

Avi Melamed ~ Inside The Middle East On March 1, 2009, a select body called the STL – the Special Tribunal for Lebanon was established. Its mission was to investigate the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, who – along with twenty-two other people – was killed on February 14, 2005. The STL, headquartered near The Hague with…

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Avi on the Watchman Newscast 9/1/20 UPDATE: Did Israel Just Strike Iran AGAIN in Syria?

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My Appearance this week on Al-Hurra | Israel & The UAE

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The Israel-UAE Peace Agreement & The Restructured Middle East

In this short article, I will explain how the Abraham Accord, the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE itself, and the responses to the agreement, represent the new geostrategic construct of the region.

Massive Explosion in the Port of Beirut, August 4, 2020 | Preliminary Observations by Avi Melamed

Avi Melamed ~ Inside The Middle East I am writing this article the day after a huge explosion that took place in the port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, on August 4, 2020. In this article, I am not focusing on speculations. Instead, I am just concentrating on several initial diagnoses related to the incident. Basic information that can…

And Now For Something Completely Different!

Avi Melamed ~ Inside The Middle East We are so thrilled to share the above movie with you!  Your feedback – as always – is welcome! As you know, my expertise is Current Events in the Middle East, the Arab & Muslim World, and their Impact on the Region & Israel. I provide Geopolitical Briefings, Intelligence Tours, & Personal Encounters…

Video – Israel & Hezbollah on a Collision Course | Part 2 – The War in Syria

Avi Melamed ~ Inside The Middle East This is the second in a three-part series analyzing the current status between Hezbollah and Israel on the Israeli Lebanese border and assessing how things might evolve and why… This is a segment I filmed yesterday morning – given the events in Beirut, I will not for the meantime, be uploading the third…

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